For Your Mind

Just Breathe…

Natalie Alice Zigdon

I can’t breathe.

Normally its a bad thing, but I feel like its making the words stay put. It keeps my emotions and rage somehow at bay. It keeps everything maybe even brighter because without any words I can’t even express myself properly and it all stays hidden somewhere in the drawer.

I feel lost, weak, unloved, undeserving and all those shady thoughts I wanted to throw off a cliff years ago.
Self agony is quite basically the worst thing I have to nourish, but I wouldn’t be able to even talk right now if I would have just left it in.

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For Your Belly

Haul of the Fancy Schmancy Health Cook Books

Natalie Alice Zigdon8 comments

I have bought so many recipe’s books lately, which is extremely rare for me cuz I am usually the go to the kitchen and whip something out kind of gal, but the sales look so promising and my cook book section was literally the landlord of one old tenant. My main purpose of actually buying cookbooks, which are mostly vegan is my stubborn nature of actually trying to stick to my mostly vegan diet as much as I possibly can without quitting from lack of a better nut cheese or vegan butter alternative because when it comes to those stuff I have an entirely new level of standards. It has been bad enough to abandon butter aside for years but those margarine or vegan butter alternatives you find in stores are utterly atrocious.

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