My name is Natalie, a 20 something year old girl who is genuinely interested in just about anything. I am an IT Manager by profession but a writer by heart. I try to live a healthish lifestyle, meaning around 90% of the time, but sorry health, I just can’t say no to chocolate and donuts. I will  mostly lean to healthier alternatives, but i do like to try out new things now and then.

For me this will be the place I’ll try to share bits and pieces of my life, so if your interested, just tag alone. From my book addiction ( and yes I do know its a problem) to my music obsessions, to beauty faves, recipes or just tips or thoughts to help get you through the day, cus lets face it, we all need a little bit of this and that now and then

So welcome to the rainy side of the Blogosphere. I’ve been expecting you…

(No, not really. Last time I’m being a creep, promise )