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Autumn Melodies

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I guess it can’t really come to a surprise that the first official blogpost on a site named RainyAllie will focus on autumnScreen Shot 2014-10-18 at 12.09.35 PM

Living in Israel, I was quite certain its not gonna rain anytime soon, but I guess the gods of the World Wide Web had better plans.

There’s something so  sincere in the scent of rain, addicting even. When you sit home and tiny droplets meet your window, right before the storm. And than you put a kettle on and make some tea, or chai, or some hot cocoa.


Now you might as well find just sitting down with my huge autumnal mug and snuggle up with my faux fur throw to the sound rain echoing from your windows satisfactory, and that’s just fine. but if you like just something extra, I think I just might have the thing.

The sound of rain is just bliss, and with the right music it can become heavenly. Being the Rainyfan that I am (pun intended :)) I started making my “Rainy Day’s Lament” playlist (Joe Purdy reference anyone?) on the end of august. As much as I wanna listen to sweater weather, I promised myself I am not gonna hit the play button until it starts raining, and the smell of ozone feels the air. It might sound weird, but it’s what makes the waiting just so special. Romantic even.

So if you like to snuggle up with some good autumnal melodies, you’re gonna love my “Rainy Day’s Lament” playlist on Spotify. I promise you wont regret it

Enjoy your autumn getaway…




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