Beauty Guide for the International Shopper

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To be honest, I’ve only really started wearing makeup those last couple of year. Despite the efforts of my mom, I grew up a little Tom Boyish. Wearing jeans whenever given the chance and doing my hair the same way every single day, which was basically ponytail up and out you go.Looking back now, I do have my regrets. Most of my pictures were practically monochromatic, and wearing a little color would have probably done wonders to my albums, but alas, time could never be turned (- well not unless you have a DeLorean :))

My grasp for makeup and styling had since than changed completely, and I am now often asked about my makeup look and products. I usually purchase all my products online since rates are so much cheaper, and a lot of the products I love aren’t available where I live. I make sure to always do extensive research before making any purchase, so most of them fit almost perfectly. I also managed to create a handful of tricks of my sleeve to save some money as well. So I thought I’ll make an official guide for all you lovely gals, hope you’ll make good use out of it

Save On Shipping:

It can be harsh, trying to save money wherever possible and then having to find out that you need to pay almost the same amount for shipping . Before making any purchase, make note to check shipping rates prior. Luckily, a lot of beauty shops now offer free international shipping. You could also stay tuned on your favourite site for a chance of a free international shipping promotion.

Just to list a few:








www.asos.com (have limited selection of beauty product as well)


Make note that some online shops, usually located in the uk, remove VAT quota from total amount, for instance Lush which are regrettably not available where I live, and had the misfortune getting addicted to while living in England. In my recent trip to Italy I became so excited to actually had the chance to buy from lush in person, only to find out that buying it online from the UK shop, including the shipping rates, would have cost me less. Just make sure to look out for the weight 🙂

 Do The Research:

As much as it pains me to say, not all foundation, no matter how raved about will suit you. Some heavy or oily foundation can make a combination to oily skin breakout so do the research. If you’re not sure about your shade, check your foundation color and compare it on Sephora Color IQ (http://www.sephora.com/color-iq).

Another thing is to read reviews and check products rating as much as possible. I always try to check reviews in several places, mainly by people who’s stated to have similar skin type asmine. If you’re not sure if it suits you play it safe, it’s always better to be safe than sorry. Check reviews in other places as well, I always make sure to search in MakeupAlley (http://www.makeupalley.com) and Sephora as they offer skin type and complexion in their reviews as well.

Don’t be turned down by one bad review! If one out of a dozen or more dislike the product, it could be pure statistic, allergic reaction or more.

Compare your Prices:

This kind of goes without saying, but even if a product is on sale, it doesn’t mean you can’t find it cheaper somewhere else. If you already marked a couple of online shops on you favourites list, it would only take you a couple of minutes to compare. having found a cheap shop, doesn’t mean everything in this shop is cheap.

Wait Before You Shop:

Even if it’s not Christmas frenzy, sales are always available. If you need to make a big purchase, be patient. If Valentine’s Day or Mother’s Day is not around the corner you can usually find sales on weekends, pay days etc. Find a shop you like and subscribe to their newsletter before making any purchase. You never know, a 20% off voucher could meet you right around the corner…

Happy shopping everybody 🙂

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