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Happy 2016…

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Being honest, I am not exactly the kind of person that puts too much value to New Year’s. For me time is linear, and a passing year is just a way for humans to organize this vastness of time to a way that actually makes sense. Yes, I can be one of those obnoxious pessimistic idealistic cynic girls sometimes, and yes I probably ruined somebody’s new year’s resolution just now, which is the farthest of my desire so just let me finish (please, if you may :)).

A year is a relative part of time, measured by the time it takes the earth to fully revolve around the sun.  The time it takes the earth to revolve fully is approx 365 days, aka 52 weeks, 8,760 hours or 526, 600 minutes (Yes, I know I’m not anyone’s math tutor here). Every society or religion celebrates its new years in a different way or even time, something that followed us for centuries. It has been believed that the new year is a time for renewal – A chance to reboot, you might say. And even if I don’t fully believe some groundbreakingly scientific rule breaking event happens annually at a specific date and time, I do appreciate the symbolism behind it.

Life is such a mayhem of strange events that you can barely catch up to anything. You try and try to grasp at something and somehow inevitably fail, but then a new year comes and you challenge yourself farther and say; ‘Next year will be better…’

‘Next year I’ll find a better job..’

‘Next year I’ll start exercising…’

‘Next year I’ll just -‘

And as nice as the premise is, for me the idealism of bettering yourself should not be a yearly thing. It should be constant.

When you try to make a huge list of resolutions  to be accomplished by the year’s end, you’re only building yourself for a bigger fall.

But when you challenged yourself little by little, on a daily basis (the time it takes for the earth to rotate fully on its axis – Yeah, I know, I’m a regular Bill Nye today), you are less likely to fail and more likely to be persistent in whichever quest you want to achieve.

Life is just a box of chocolates – no, I think that enough clichés for today.

Life is just life. It’s not overly complicated or anything, and you are just human, so don’t expect too much and don’t try to achieve everything all at once, and do little by little every day. Who knows? Maybe you’ll actually manage to finally finish that yearly list of yours that way 🙂

Here’s to you little grasshopper! Happy 2016!

Lots of love


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