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The Naked Party

Natalie Alice Zigdon10 comments

I admit, I can be a little frugal when it comes to beauty buys. Between that all ‘Oh my god, that is so gorgeous!’ and the ‘I must have it! I will have it! *muhahaha’ attitude, I can’t really find myself splurging on a big fancy blush and usually lean towards the drugstore brands because ain’t nobody got the dime for that.

Last time I actually splurged on an eyeshadow pallete, it was my original Naked one which I purchased around two years ago and utterly was smittened with. The colors. The consistency. The pigmentation and the oh so every gosh darn thing about it was simply divine, so naturally I’ve used it since. And you know what? I’ve still didn’t reach pan on any of the shades! Which just goes to show you how amazing it truly still is. read more

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For The People

Happy 2016…

Natalie Alice Zigdon1 comment

Being honest, I am not exactly the kind of person that puts too much value to New Year’s. For me time is linear, and a passing year is just a way for humans to organize this vastness of time to a way that actually makes sense. Yes, I can be one of those obnoxious pessimistic idealistic cynic girls sometimes, and yes I probably ruined somebody’s new year’s resolution just now, which is the farthest of my desire so just let me finish (please, if you may :)). read more

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For Your Mind

Why Autumn Is The Bee’s Knees…

Natalie Alice Zigdon10 comments

The change of the weather and the beautiful array of bronze and orangey leafs are only several of the reasons why autumn is my favorite season. I was born in the midst of September. An outstanding and obvious sign of a typical Virgo. I was born right when the weather starts to shifts it gears from a sticky summer to a windy leaf blowing paradise. Every year, just when My Birthday comes, I sit and wait in anticipation for the first raindrop to hit my windowpane. And true enough, every year, on the week of my birthday, and If I’m truly luck on that very day, the first drop hits the ground and with it comes that amazing petrichor smell.
For me autumn means renewal. Autumn is a new year. Autumn brings growth and life, and avocados, and strawberries. Autumn is just there to greet you after a long long day and tap you on the shoulder with an orangey leaf or even two.
And even if we just take all the mementoey mumbo jumbo of me crushing on autumn here, lets just sum the facts here shall we?
Autumn is the time of the new season and I mean that in the most literal way possible. September brings with it new seasons of some of the best shows on tv. Should I say American Horror Story again? read more

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For Your Face

Look Fantastic September Beauty Box?

Natalie Alice Zigdon8 comments

September is probably my favourite month. Not only is it the start of my favourite season, it is also the month of my birthday, and in an effort to try as much new stuff In this oh glorious occasion I figured it might be a nice Idea to actually get myself a beauty box. Now the only monthly subscription box I’ve ever tried was a dog snack and toys one for my little barking angel he so I clearly didn’t really know what to expect, well other than the numerous YouTube/ Blogposts out there. So as the weeks past this week I’ve finally received my little box here along with some other nifty and fancy purchases, that I’ve already had my dab in, and I’ll thought I’ll share it with you lovely rainy folks!
read more

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For Your Mind

One Day I’ll Fly Away…

Natalie Alice Zigdon

Sometimes life is just a sonnet, waiting to be written. A sentence searching for a rhyme. A book waiting to be finished. You feel incomplete, incoherent, utterly useless until you find that absolutely perfect word to sum it up. To bring that poem, that book, this sonnet to the glorious life where it should be.

A couple of week back I celebrated my birthday, and among all of the celebration and hundreds of greetings, like always, it was filled with a handful of sadness. read more

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For Your Belly

Yummy Mondays: Vegan, Gluten Free, Banana Maple Cake ( To Die For!)

Natalie Alice Zigdon6 comments

It doesn’t take much to hide the fact that I am pretty much of a regular sweet tooth person, and as it turns out the more the Air Conditioning is on the more you’ll be able to hear me cry for help i search of tea, and as a firm believer of you can’t have tea without cake (I’m awful, I know), I just had to have something feed my sweet tooth need.

I would have to admit that the main reason I basically invented this little doughnut looking delight is 3 ripe bananas that were nearing their, and frugal old me just did not want to see them nana’s going to waste 🙂 read more

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For Your Mind

An Ode To My Dog (Happy Birthday Kassie!)

Natalie Alice Zigdon14 comments

My dog celebrated her first birthday three weeks ago, and along all of the bit and pits of struggles, shoe chewing, utter mess and strange array of pee puddles roaming around the flat, I could honestly say I can’t see my life without my little furry
mother of dragons.

Everyone around me might think I’m slightly insane, having to repurchase around a dozen pairs of shoes and clean my house on a bi daily basis, but looking at that cuddly destructive face, I can honestly say I can’t see myself without. I’ve had you for 1 year already, and the ease and spirit lifting you bring me on a daily basis is pretty much priceless. Yeah, sure. You might be the most stubborn dog I knew, and way too smart than any dog I ever knew too (I mean really? does any of YOUR dogs know how to open up the fridge?), but you are mine. read more

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For Your Soul

Burnt Down Summer

Natalie Alice Zigdon2 comments

I haven’t had time to do anything lately. I seem to have been working my A** off while everyone around me keeps taking a vacation one after the other (pardon my language) and in the midst of being both physically and mentally exhausted, I just get irritated and tired, or  tired and irritated. those two usually come in pair for me.

Its Summer, and I have yet to unwind and as those sticky drips of sweat dries upon my skin just before I get the chance to open my front door, I’m burnt out. My energy levels are equal to zero and my attempt to actually move any part of my body seems to fail as I fall victim to the Air conditioner, basking in all its might and glory. read more

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