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The Lip Liner Addict Trick Book

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I have been really rocking the lipliner for about a year now, and after numerous mistakes I have finally found some failproof tricks to make the application a whole lot better and even though I am in no way a professional make up artist I thought I’ll share it with all you fellow lip Liner addicts.

Keep your lips moisturized
Most lip liners, depending on the consistency, can be incredibly drying on the lip, a must for a long-lasting matte finish but a real tackle for the application. I love using a nice tick Lip Balm like the Nuxe Reve De Miel as a base for my lip liner as I find the product usually glides through and applies wonderfully with it

Conceal your lips before overlining them
An absolute must for me, as the results beforehand were way less than fitting. For overlining you need to reshape the borders of your mouth and it can be quite of a tackle if the base isn’t set correctly. Concealing your natural lip borders beforehand actually help you reshape you mouth a lot more precisely. Don’t believe me? Go try it then! I dare to see any of you say that it didn’t change the effect dramatically

For drier formulas, dip the tip of your lip liner in lip balm
Now I don’t know if I was the first one to think of it but I am just super happy that I did. I have a Laura Mercier lip liner with the most gorgeous shade that wasn’t my idea of a perfect formulation. The formula was drier than my usual picks and as luck would have it, time has dried it up even more. I decided I’ll try dipping to tip of it into my Korres Lip balm (but I’m sure any lip balm will do) before applying it and the rest is history! It had literally saved my love affair with this lip liner.

Be true to the shape of your lip
this is quite of a given but worth-while mentioning as well. If your upper lip is puckered up (like me), don’t try to reshape it completely as it can result in an utter mess. Instead, try going just a bit above the upper border and focus on the lower lip more. The can be said for scarring and everything else basically. Play with it! Makeup is just a fun and creative way to express your self, so don’t try to force yourself to look like someone else. Just do what feels right 🙂

Q-tip can be your saviour
And if you still cant seem to get it right and some liner residue went a stray, just keep a dampened Q-tip nearby to rid yourself of all those nasty mistakes. It’s even good to soften up the edges for a more natural look. Oh Q-tip, our beauty saviour. Is there anything you can’t do?

What about you? Do you have any special tricks for applying your favourite lip liner?

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