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The Product Talk – Joik Bath Truffles

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In light of the my recent Vegan Chocolate Truffle post I figured it might be a good idea to add a review for my latest pampery purchase. This initially grabbed my eyes as I thought it could be a slightly cheaper alternative to Lush’s Bath Melts and the most of the combinations sounded quite intriguing. I did however figure I’ll take the least obvious route and spared myself the white chocolate scented one, even though I’m a huge white chocolate fan .

After some deep contemplations I’ve decided to go for the Lavender, and the Herbal one. To be honest, it has done a pretty decent job and I did rather like it but for my opinion it couldn’t hold a candle for the Lush ones. If you do however, want a quick and cheaper fix I’m pretty sure you’re gonna like it.

I was a tad disappointed with the scent, I figured it would have a lot more of that lavendery scent to it, which I love, but the scent itself was quite mild. If you are looking for something with a mild soft scent this might feet in your cup of tea. The truffle itself did surprised me with the blending, I figured it wouldn’t dissolve well and I’ll be facing some manual labor there, but it dissolved perfectly with no work whatsoever so kuddos to that. After I finally got myself out of the tub I was oh so pleased. My skin was incredibly soft and I didn’t even have to put on my body butter. As for the Herbal one, this one has  Eucalyptus and Mint in it which I surprisingly liked even more than the Lavender one. I was a tad disappointed I wasnt a bit under the weather when I tried this as I feel it might even have helped me with a case the stuffed nose – but alas, what can a girl do?

Verdict? I was a tad disappointed with the scent but you can’t really argue with the results. Lush’s Bath Melts will always be my favourite ones but for a quick and cheaper fix this is the stuff. I might even grab me some of that white chocolaty ones next time:)

Joik Bath Truffles

£11.90 (Pack of 6)

Lavender Bath Truffle





  • Very Moisturizing
  • Affordable
  • Relaxing scents


  • Very Mild Scent
  • A Tad Messy
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