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Sufganiyot AKA Jewish Doughnuts; The Vegan Version

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In midst of the holiday season I figured I’d make something special to satisfy my sweet tooth.  Even though this is the last day of Hanukkah, tomorrow will be the first day of christmas so I figured it could be the perfect chance for all of you to enjoy this deliciousness. The original recipe usually calls for eggs, butter and milk, so i did need to make some adjustments. But the taste itself is still brilliant enough to melt your tongue in a blink of an eye.A Sufganiyah is basically some fried dough, similar to a doughnut but softer on the inside, and usually contains a filling of your choice, traditionally a strawberry jam, and then sprinkled with some Icing sugar. If that isn’t enough than I dare you to look at the picture without drooling. You did it? Well than you my friend are a stronger person than i am.

Suf Closeup

What you’ll need:

5 Cups of Plain Flour

3/4 Cup Granulated Sugar or Coconut Sugar

100 gr Coconut Oil

1 Tsp Vanilla Extract

1 Tsp Salt

Zest of 1 Orange or Lemon

2 Tbs Dry Yeast

1 cup ml Almond Milk or Water

1 Ltr Canola Oil


Icing Powder

Strawberry Jam or any other filling of your choice,

How to?

The process is very similar to the makings of a doughnut, but even quite easier to make, as you don’t really need to hassle with the hole technique Just mix all the dry ingredients together and then add the Butter and Milk. I like using a guitar mixer but whatever suits you best should do fine. Than just add the Egg, Orange (or Lemon) Zest and Vanilla Extract and mix until even. Cover bowl and let dough rest for at least 30 minutes in warm place or in fridge for 2 hours. After Dough has risen you’ll need to prepare it before frying it; Flour a clean surface and create small balls from the dough (a little larger than a golf ball). Now lay them on a parchment paper and set aside until double in size (30 min to 1 hour depends on the temperature). This batch will make around 24 Sufganiyot so make sure to have enough room. Now just put the oil in the pan of your choice and heat to medium to high heat (around 160°c – 170°c), when the oil is boiling you can finally put your Sufganiyah AKA doughnut inside.



Tip: Dont put a finger inside to test it! Take a pinch of leftover dough and gently drop it. If you see the oil bubbling up around it than it means its hot enough. Listen to the oil, your fingers will thank you


Cook each side for around 2 minutes or until beautifully golden and  remove. Set aside until cool. For filling you can just use an icing bag with a pointed tip and the Jam of your liking ( I filled up half of it with some  Maple Almond Butter and the other half with sugar-free Strawberry Jam, cus you can’t really argue with the classics). If you don’t have an Icing bag or a pointed tip – don’t fret!  It might not come out as perfect but a simple plastic sandwich bag and pointed knife will do just fine. Now just powder some Icing Sugar on top and your done! Enjoy!

Happy Hanukkah, Christmas and Kwanzaa Everyone!


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