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11 Instagrammers That Will Make You Wanna Eat Healthy

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Full disclosure, I might have, possibly gained a little bit of weight here and there. Perfectly natural, of course. And yes, it is very much possible to gain weight over a mostly vegan diet. Fries, are vegan, Pizza Hut has recently introduced a vegan pizza to their menu and stress is quite possibly the worst  thing for your body weight as it increases your cortisol levels, and thus encourages your body to store fat. This combined with complete lack of kitchen time pretty much equals a sad fat Natalie.

Thankfully, with a little bit of spare time to little old me, I finally reignited my Instagram love and with it somehow also flickered off the light of my undeniable love for cooking. There are just tons of accounts with mouth watering pictures (Warning: Do not view on an empty stomach :)) clean fresh ingredients and such vivid colours that’ll make you think its out of this world. Fair warning, yet again, this is not for the hungry of heart

Vegan Straws:

Probably The best array of smoothie ideas I could find. A must for the casual healthy morning sipper. Pictures are pure dramatisation as there is quite possibly no way in the world anything I make will ever look as pretty.

Minimalist Baker:

Quick easy food, with 10 ingredient or less that looks like you actually spend tons of time making. I mean, who wouldn’t want that?

3 Bunnies:

An eclectic collection of amazing vegan recipes that are just downright brilliant, most of which look fairly easy and quite doable.

An Aspiring Vegan:

Simple quick Ideas (mosly) for clean, vegan eating. And yes, it all looks this good.

Live Green Healthy:

Tons of recipes and Ideas, for just about everything. Not all Vegan, but by the taste of the vegan stuff I’d say no one’s to lose in this game.

I Quit Sugar:

Possibly one of the most famous one in the bunch, I reckon. Filled with deliciously mouth watering pics such as this one. I mean, just look at it.


Nutrition Stripped:

 I don’t know what is it about Acai Bowls that looks just so yummy.

My New Roots:

Introduced by there more then awesome app, this has tons of salads, pies and anything else.

Sprouted Kitchen:

Pretty much everything Sara makes looks mouth watering, and her kids are just so darn cute its impossible.

Oh She Glows:

Probably the first vegan food blog I ever set my eyes upon, and still one of my faves.

Talina Gabriel:

I don’t even know where to start with this one. If you ever used the Hippie Lane app (which is frankly awesome)  you’ll probably know Talina, as she is one of the contributors. Most of their recipes look darn right complicated but are surprisingly easy to make. Highly, highly recommend

Please raise my Insta addiction if you have any other Instagrammy suggestions to feed my newish healthish regime.

Lots of love

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