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2014 was the year…

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[wpsocialite]I wanted to write something to sum 2014 up. At first, I thought about writing about my favourites, than I thought maybe I’ll share some of my favourite 2014 books, but I think that eventually, nothing sums a year up more than experiences and so I thought I’d go a little more personal with you. 2014 was a pretty major year for me, it had such a great turmoil of mixed experiences and just plain weird stuff. So here’s to 2015, may you be even quirkier than your prior…

2014 was the year I both started and paused med school, not because it was hard or anything like that. I worked my ass off with a pretty demanding full-time job and still managed to get some decent grades. It wasn’t that at all. I just didn’t feel it was the best of ideas with my job and with the point I was at back than. But this brief chapter where I actually followed my dream and took a step forward just taught me that I could do what I set my mind to, and that’s pretty great.

2014  was the year I learned that both knowledge and love should be aspired to, and that none of those should be neglected. When I was a kid I was that geeky shy girl you’d find in the back of the class. When everybody went to recess I to the encyclopedia from the bookcase and just started reading, and even though no one hassled me about it, cus the kids in my class were pretty awesome, I still felt like an outside. This basically led to me hiding  my knowledge from the rest of the world and convincing myself that it shouldn’t in any way make me proud. the farther I get in life, or in work, or even uni I understand how amazingly wrong I was. You can’t depress one side of yourself to be more acceptable to society, how can you be more acceptable to others if you can’t even accept yourself? Who you are should always be a source of pride and should never be feared by any critic. In some cases, as narcissistic as it might sound, my opinion is the only one that I count.

2014  was the year I got back to the dating world. I never really dated, I way too shy for it, in fact the only time i actually dated someone without feeling awkward about it was back when I lived in England three years ago. Since than, I just couldn’t find anyone I don’t feel way too embarrassed around. So this year I decided to throw myself into the dating pool. I didn’t get any decent bites yet, but with determination comes results 🙂

2014  was the year I came to peace with who I am, and learned to accept my imperfections. True, the process actually started when i just reached my twenties but I feel that this year I am much more content with who I am than I ever was – as we shall all be. Frankly, I’m quite ashamed from how long it actually took me, but hey,it’s better to have lived once than to have never lived at all…

2014  was the year I got my own place. an apartment that is just mine. No roomies, or shared kitchens, or bathroom schedules, just me. it is true that I actually pay rent for my parents, but its pretty great to have your independence

2014  was the year I finally learned to drive. Now this is a huge step for me as I had severe anxiety from cars ever I was a in a car accident when i was a kid. I just need to push myself a little further and take the final exam already.

2014  was the year I got Kassie, short for Kahleesi, who is clearly one of the cutest dogs you ever had your eyes on. My other dog, Sukie, can’t really stand her, being smaller than a cat herself, but its fun to have a dog that actually acts like one, and doesn’t run away from cats. Seriously people, look at her. Isn’t she cute?

Sorry for the rambling on people, but if you stayed through I’d love to know what 2014 taught you 🙂

Wishing you all an amazing 2015

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