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4 Ways to keep yourself from going broke

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So guess what? I quit my job! I know, kind of a weird way to start anything probably. And sure enough that long and tedious oh god what will I do next is just over the corner hunting my very existence
But alas, I owed it to myself so I finally did it. And it just feels so darn amazing. But all that stress and anxiety of this new unknown terrain (I’ve been working at the same place for nearly 4 years) has left me craving for some major R&R time.

I’m tired, exhausted and simply burned out (As you might have seen in my latest blog posts, or lack there of) and decided I might need a small break. unfortunately for me, It seems I wasn’t really born with a silver spoon up my pocket and trust funds up the up the Yazoo.

Life isn’t just a trolley of unlimited resources at your dispense at all time and I had to start saving. Big. So I can somewhat enjoy this chance of finding myself again. And so some *Cough*…scacrifices had to be made.

The Unsubscribe Button

I’m frugal. Always have been. My mom is from Moroccan decent and bargaining is just her go to attitude wherever she ventures, so I guess u can say its just in my bones. So believe me when I say I nearly ever buy something in full price. I subscribed to countless of newsletters from all my favourite shops, just hunting for that special bargain. Problem is, some of them are just too good to actually resist, despite the fact u might not need that certain lipstick/shoes/mascara and what not this very moment. As hardship as it was I muscled up the courage and dragged my mouse up to that wretched unsubscribe button. It might sound a bit weird, but that click. That small tack sound omitting from that button underneath my fingers. That tiny little tap. Was just releasing and detoxifying in a whole different way and was just what I needed to get my mind set and returned.

There’s ALWAYS another sale

And even if another sale catches your ear and looks just horribly inviting and just so good to pass on, just remember. There’s always another sale. literally. Oh my god, 20% off everything for mother’s day? Yes please. I know I don’t have money but it only this one bitsy little time?

But as luck would have it, There’s just always another event. Wether its this months, the next, in a couple of months or even half a year from now. Keep you money in your wallet. I’m quite certain that in several months from now, when you’ll actually need a new bag or god knows what else, you’ll have another sale lurking behind your shoulders, so don’t take out your credit card so fast.

Only buy what you absolutely need

That just goes without mentioning. You do not need a third pair of everyday sandals. You do not need three types of organic coffee roasts and you especially don’t need another cute bag, or sunglasses or an eyeshadow pallet -You just Don’t. Your wallet will thank you.

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Careful where you shop

Just do the research. You’ll be surprised how much price differs between two stores and how much money some stores just make over your expense. Its quite deplorable really, so it really just the best for you to check where you buy before. Also pay attention to the item you buy and where. Some brands might be more expensive at a cheaper store and cheaper at the expensive one believe it or not. Yeah, I know. It’s quite of a hassle. But just think of all the money you’ll be saving and you’ll be up to the challenge in no time

What about you? Have any useful money-saving tips? If you do then there’s no time better than the present to share them all down below

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