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Confessions Of A Lazy Gal

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My everyday work routine can be quite hectic, and the need to be presentable often gets in its way. I can usually be seen skimping a couple of beauty steps in favour of a few more beauty sleep hours and embarrassing as it is I thought I might share it. Who knows? Maybe I’m not a weird bird I think I am and were actually all on the same boat together 🙂

The “Nail Polish Hacker” – First things first the nails, and I do love me some nail polish. I feel as if without it I might as well be holding an axe in my hand because the ladylikeness is verging on zero there. I do skimp a couple of steps here on a regular basis. One of the reasons i wear the same nail polish for a long time is because I couldn’t be bothered with removing the nail polish and end up patch fixing. I might end up with an extremely thick layer of nail polish and in the end it does actually take me longer to remove, but hey, I’m prepared – what goes around always comes around ..

The “Who Need Makeup Brushes Anyway?” system- Let me describe a likely scenario. Sunday (Or Monday) Morning, and the starting of a new work week had arrived, and oh boy its makeup time – Ok than,  let’s do this! and than half through dabbing the foundation you and picking up your brush you toss it back and rub everything on with your hand. And when i say everything – i mean everything! Eyeshadow, bronzer, blush you name it. “No matter. It will probably look just as well” – And no. No it wont

The “What You Can’t See” Sock Syndrome Keep waiting for the second sock to glimpse back from the dark hole in which it disappeared to a year ago is a lost cause. Cant describe how many times i take the advantage of boots and have mismatched partners decorate my feet.

The “Hairy Best Friend” Fail Prove Conditioner – Before throwing on any rotten tomatoes for the hairiest of all confession, just imagine yourself a head dull of curly long thick hair, cus that what i have, and it’s incredibly hard to maintain. This might be more disgusting and cheap than lazy but you can’t really shampoo it every day, but a lazy hair bun can knot away those locks in a matter of seconds so you I do sometime only use  conditioner, and if I’m way too lazy to actually take a shower in the morning I literally take some conditioner in my hand with some water and layer it on so it will be somewhat presentable. If I were to try and brush it out without wetting or conditioning I’ll be breaking my brush and probably look like the best Afro gone wrong example you can find.

The “Mouthwash Brushing Alternative” – and yes, I might even hide under the desk for shame, but hey, were all human.  just imagine yourself a scenario, you finally get home after a Wedding/ Movie/ Clubbing and you can’t even move  and as absurd as it sounds, the thought of taking a toothpaste and toothbrush is so absolutely incomprehensible and your gaze instinctively moves towards the mouthwash – And just the mouthwash. Hey, it’s better than nothing.

The “One Day Will Be OK” Makeup Removal System – No, no it wont. no matter how tired you are get up and wash your face or an uninvited guest will decorate your forehead area by morning . Get up Natalie. Just get up…

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