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A Note to All You Dreamers…

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DreamTo all you dreamers, and hopeless romantics. To those of you who pocess a greater faith that I could ever hope for, and all you lovely folks of the World Wide Web. This could be your year if you set your mind to it.

Make this day the start of your new life. Brew some coffee. Steam some tea. Relax and just let your thoughts lead you to wherever it is you want to go. If you have something you want to do with your life, don’t wait – just do it. Things don’t just form in front of you in the midst of thin air. Action brings results and mistake build you up to greatness.

I myself have also put my life on hold for way too long. Making my dream came true actually started with this blog, and as I later realised  it  could have actually been done years before. Don’t live in regrets, just live in the now. You want something – go get it. This is your final deadline so just wake up and bring your dream to life

To quote my wall decal: “Life is simple. Life is short. Live your dream. Share your passion”

Let us make 2015 the year that makes dreams real.

Have an amazing day dreamers…

Natalie Alice Zigdon
Blogger, self proclaimed geek, avid reader and baker, music and art fanatic, and one heck of a crazy lady