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A Rainy-esque Update

Natalie Alice Zigdon914 views

Hello rainy friends of the blogosphere, hope all is just swell on your part of the blogosphere.

You might’ve noticed that uploads have been practically nonexistent lately. Well if you care enough to worry, fret not. My passion for writing, helping, and sharing things with all the lovely people that are kind enough to listen is neverending.

The only thing that might’ve changed is the theme. See, in the beginning, back when this blog was created my passion laid elsewhere. I’m not talking about my strange affinity to everything that drizzles down from the sky or my neverending admiration to that sweet sublime feeling of coziness. I’m talking about everything around it.

I’ve started learning nutrition and delve into books of human nature. I took my love for environmental and animal well beings one step forward and after an unfortunate incident occurred, decided to start treating Allie a little more.

To save you all from any unending and utterly boring information about my own life, I’ll try to keep it short and let you all know what’s coming soon to RA.

You’ll get way more recipes focusing on healthy and yet delicious things for you to sink your teeth in. You’ll get more beauty tips and recommendation – this time focusing on more natural and chemical-free alternatives. And as always, you’ll get a neverending promise to provide anything rain-related around – from books to tips and any thought or story that I found important enough to share.

So, thanks for staying tuned and hope to see you visit here soon!

Natalie Alice Zigdon
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