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An Ode To My Dog (Happy Birthday Kassie!)

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My dog celebrated her first birthday three weeks ago, and along all of the bit and pits of struggles, shoe chewing, utter mess and strange array of pee puddles roaming around the flat, I could honestly say I can’t see my life without my little furry
mother of dragons.

Everyone around me might think I’m slightly insane, having to repurchase around a dozen pairs of shoes and clean my house on a bi daily basis, but looking at that cuddly destructive face, I can honestly say I can’t see myself without. I’ve had you for 1 year already, and the ease and spirit lifting you bring me on a daily basis is pretty much priceless. Yeah, sure. You might be the most stubborn dog I knew, and way too smart than any dog I ever knew too (I mean really? does any of YOUR dogs know how to open up the fridge?), but you are mine.

You are my dog and I am your owner. You are my pup, and I am your mother.

I’m an overprotective, body squeezing, running, jumping and overall insane mum, but I’m a mum nonetheless, because that is what it means to adopt a dog. You make him or her your family, and family should always be accepted, no matter what. No matter the looks, the personality or the past. Family comes first.

When you adopt a pet you don’t just get an extra doll, some pass time toy you’ll attend to whenever suits you best and just give away when you get sick of. I met a person who actually sent her dog for adoption because it “Clashed with the drapes”. I mean, seriously?!

A dog is a friend. My dog is my best friend. She’s my roommate. She’s there when I’m sad. She’s there with her ball constantly to keep me occupied when I lazy around for too long. She’s like a little kid, grabbing her favourite doll and dragging it to bed each day, and just like a little kid she’s afraid of rats and thunderstorms and that’s probably the best way to describe her. Pure innocence wrapped in a huge ball of fur.

Happy Birthday Khaleesi!

Love mommy 🙂


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