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BB, CC & DD, Oh my!

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BB & CC & DD

And don’t get me started on TM (Tinted Moisturizer). Now I am not a makeup artist but I do try to keep up but that doesnt mean that I don’t get confused by the letter repetition there. Foundation Alternatives have officially infiltrated our Alphabet database and I found myself baffled as probably every other person and have decided to research the difference.

Tinted Moisturizer:

Getting rid with the easiest first. I’ve only become familiar with Tinted Moisturizer  around 4 months ago after I purchased the Laura Mercier one which is pretty much awesomeness in a small tube. This gives you just a little bit color, usually just enough to slightly even up your skin tone, but also adds all the moisturizing properties as well. The finish is usually dewy looking.

Best Used For : Really light coverage,Moisturizer. On days you don’t really need too much 

Finish: Dewy & Glowy

BB Creams:

We are starting to go down the Alphabet now people – This is not a drill. There Isnt an AA cream as far as i know the reason being pretty much self explanatory.I’m not entirely sure anyone would be able to market it successfully. BB Creams, short for Beauty or Blemish Balm, were all the rage when they first got here from Asia. This usually provide light coverage along with other skin care add ons to make your life just a tad easier, like SPF, added moisture, Anti oxidants. This is perfect as an everyday product if you don’t want to commit to a foundation but interested in heavier coverage than tinted Moisturizer.

Best Used For: Light Coverage, Suitable for everyday use.

Finish: Dewy Glowy

CC Creams:

This is where skin tend to get interesting for the everyday consumer. CC Creams, AKA Color Correcting Creams,  are used mainly  help correct redness or sallowness – though upon trying both, despite the fact that this are supposedly lighter, I have found no immediate difference.  the texture seems to be less dewy and more opaque than the usual BB Cream though.

Best Used For: Skin with Acne Scars and/Or Hyperpigmentation.

Finish: Opaque

DD Creams:

This is supposedly the jackpot, DD Creams, or the Dynamic Do-All / Daily Defense Cream are mainly intended to combine the benefits of the CC and BB together (Kind of like an ACDC reunion :)) but are also supposedly imbued with AntiAging Properties.

Best Used For: Light Coverage, If you’re looking to minimize appearance of wrinkles and fine lines

Finish: Dewy

Whats your Alphabetic infiltrator? .. *Coughs* …I mean cream…  🙂

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