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Burnt Down Summer

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I haven’t had time to do anything lately. I seem to have been working my A** off while everyone around me keeps taking a vacation one after the other (pardon my language) and in the midst of being both physically and mentally exhausted, I just get irritated and tired, or  tired and irritated. those two usually come in pair for me.

Its Summer, and I have yet to unwind and as those sticky drips of sweat dries upon my skin just before I get the chance to open my front door, I’m burnt out. My energy levels are equal to zero and my attempt to actually move any part of my body seems to fail as I fall victim to the Air conditioner, basking in all its might and glory.

I am not a summer fan, not even in the slightest. Yes, I do admit it has its moment and the beach can be awesome at times, but boy is the heat unbearable! At the end of the day I just want to sit down and unwind, which I can’t really, because my mind goes to approx a 1,000 different places and sweat just seems to be canoodling in places sweat should not go.

One thing does help though. Call me catchy, or a music music adiict but music certain melodies can really lift your spirit or lower them, or in this case just put you in that oh so amazing mood, so I made a playlist, as I usually do and simply put – got myself infused to it. I found tons of artists I never even heard of before to add to it as well and by golly it’s just awesome, so I thought I’d share. With all you other burnt down folks like me.

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