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Chocolate For Ya Face!

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Every now and then come’s a beauty product that just makes you wanna gulp it in one bite cus it smells oh so darn good! But then again, it might just be me and my awful weirdness gene. Wether it was Lush’s Chocolate face mask (And lick it I did try), Soap & Glory’s Flake Away body scrub or literally every lips scrub I ever try, cus I’m a sweet person. I love sweet, and despite any attempt to avoid them they eventually find me.


In this particular case, I must admit that in some weird and bizarre way I found it, and I dont regret it one bit. Granted, there might be tons of better ingredients for your face then cacao, but when it smells so darn good who on earth cares?IMG_6005

I initially only got this Montagne Jeunesse Chocaholic Delight Pamper Pack (quite a mouthful, I know) because the sale price looked irresistible, but I was genuinely surprised by the product too. The white chocolate mask leaves your skin bright and moisturized while the dark chocolate one seems to tackle those pores up and cleanses your skin in a truly lovely way. I might always prefer Lush’s chocolate mask but this one is so darn close, I’m willing to settle.

The hot chocolate mask though, is the showstopper in this small little package. It cleanses and evens out your skin amazingly, without stripping it too much. an the small of an orangy chocolate treat was just magnificent in so many ways I just couldn’t resist!

So yeah, I licked. I know I wasnt supposed too but I’m a rule breaker(well, not really). And unsurprisingly, it doesn’t taste at all like it smells, which is rather unfortunate but you can’t really expect too much from a product with a do not it warning on it, I guess.
What about you? have you tried any Montagne Jeunesse? I’m so nosy I just got to know 🙂

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