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DIY Gingerbread Lip Scrub

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I have a sort of weird and stubborn philosophy about anything gingery and cinnamony. For me they both symbolize the warmth of a persons hearth. They symbolize an idea of a house. Of Family. Of baked goods.So naturally I always get along with other ginger, Cinnamon (and even chilli) loving people like me, because its taste is just oh so divine. May it be for candles, cookies, or even *gasp* lip scrub!

Gingerbread lip scrub 2

Apparently the sun’s little hide and seek game left my lips at a chappy as a crocodile and now that they’re all sore and dry, so ran to the kitchen I did for a simple, cheap home remedy to get those scaley hints of crocodile lips away from me
And yes.
It does taste amazing 🙂


What You’ll need?
1 1/2 Tbs Coconut oil
1 Tsp Sweet Almond oil
2 Tbs Cane Sugar
3 Drops Gingerbread essential oil mixture
1 Drop Orange food coloring

How to?
This is extremely easy to make – Like insanely easy.
The only thing you need to do is to melt the coconut oil a little (10 Secs in the microwave should be enough) and stir it with the other liquids
Then add your sugar and move to a container of choice and you’re done!
And remember, Gingerbread is not only for the holidays 🙂

Lots of love

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