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Don’t Despair, Its Only Monday #7

Natalie Alice Zigdon830 views

Well I guess its just that time again. That time to forcefully push yourself out of bed into yet another work week. *Sigh*

In case your week hasn’t started the way you wanted to,  or maybe it did (Oh lucky, lucky you) and you just need that extra push, how About I’ll throw some good vibrations your way? Like literally?

Nothing’s better at making a smile tackle that frown upside down than the beach boys, and as an extra bonus here’s Adam Sandler singing the Beach Boys in one of my favorite movies, cus yes I’m that tacky

And if that still havent put a smile on that face of yours, you better send for reinforcements fast. Or just  check my other Mondaily posts 🙂

Hope all your peops are just gonna have an awesometacular kind of day

Lots of love

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