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Failure To Start

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I think there’s a certain disease in our generation that a lot of people choose to ignore, or at least underestimate, despite the fact it actually  affects every single one of us. Some are more sensitive than other, but eventually it gets everyone. It will probably get you too, if it didn’t already. Theres a lazy bone latching in inside each and every one of us, wether were willing to admit it or not and even though it’s not the easiest thing to admit I too am PP(Procrastination Positive). Chances are that you are too

I’ve recently purchased a wall decal from Ebay with the Famous “This is your life” quote by Holstee Maeinfesto to hang near my doorway entrance. Its only until it arrived that I realized that it’s not a one piece sticker. Not even a 5 piece one. Each letter was a sticker on its own. There where no outlines or anything else to go by, just a picture, two hand and the big wall in front of me. Thats probably why it cost me 4$ which is probably a “Quality not Quantity” lesson on its own, but I digress.

It took me two weeks to even start it, but eventually, after doing little by little. finishing more the next day I finished it. It didn’t come out straight but I didn’t give up, and its funny to say that such a small think actually taught me a couple of valuable life lessons

I don’t remember who said; “Procrastination is like a Credit Card. It’s a lot of fun until you get the bill” but I cant seem to find a better way right now to describe it. Sometimes the easiest thing to do is ,well, nothing and we all get caught out in it. We all search for a way out or around but we need to face reality. Sometimes all or nothing couldn’t be truer and you have to face your own demons to get through something in your life. No one’s gonna judge you on the way you get there and if they do than their opinion shouldnt matter anyway.

I’ve finally finished applying the decal and even though it’s the abbreviated version I love it. Old perfectionist me used to not start something if I knew it would come out less than perfect. I would go into a frenzy if I got less than 90 on a test but  new me doesn’t even care if it looks uneven. when something is cracked or imperfect  it only means that more unique and I’ve come to realize that being unique far outages being perfect

So If you can’t start or finish just breath in and push yourself to go through your path, your way. Even if it didn’t come out the way you thought you wanted it to, it could still be a magnificent unique piece to have.

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