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Hello dear people of the Rainy Blogosphere, guess what? It’s February Favourites time! And dear lord, its so late It might as well be march, I mean seriously, how bad can a person be? This bad right here (Two thumbs pointing at me)

This is just a bunch of stuff I fell head over heels over the last month, and one recurring favourite that i just had to give a worthy mention to, so just read along if you wanna, hey, you came this far already, so whats a couple more lines?

GlamGlow Clearing mask

I’ve been suffering from the worst PMS ever since last week, and as the hormonal stake came, a bunch of some very uninvited guests decided to tag along and make a party all over my face (I mean seriously, how rude can a guest be? :)) and this precious little gem here was such a saviour. Mask of Magnaminty might always be my favourite, but when you need the heavy guns, this seriously does the job brilliantly, plus your pores are practically out of existence afterwards and your skin feel as smooth as a baby’s bottom too which is always a plus.

Anastasia Brow Gel

I dont really give too much notice to my eyebrows shape wise, but since I never pluck them things do sometimes get a little messy up in there. I got this as a gift from Sephora a while back and finally started really using and I really do like it. It holds everything back in place with a natural finish. First day I used I literally stood in front of the mirror, saying ‘Damn’ to myself.

Borjouis Velvet Rouge lipstick

To be honest, I wasn’t totally Impressed in the first try as I felt the application was a little over the messy level, but once you apply it It just looks Lovely. I went for the Darker Grand Cru shade, simply because I was searching for a matte dramatic look, but seeing how much I loved it, I might go and order a couple of different shades too, you know, when the sales come marching in 🙂

The Balm Sexy Mama

In the aftermath of my severe Mary Luminizer obsession, and my search for a decent setting powder I came across this little ray of sunshine here, and surprise, surprise, I loved It. Despite it being a “Translucent” Powder, i did find it actually offered a little bit of pigment, but it was seriously perfect for a minimalist day. I find myself just covering my undereyes disasters and other imperfection with a little bit of concealer, and this on top and thats literally it. It gives such a natural finish and again, just like the Mary Luminizer, a little really does go a long way

Alpha H Liquid Gold

This is a recurring old favourite. I fell in love with it two years ago, and was way too frugal to justify buying it again, but than came the sales, and oh my I acted faster than the speed of light. It just brightens up your skin brilliantly and, in lack of a better word, make your skin pop.

‘Yes Please!’ By Amy Poehler

Now I might be a tad biased here because I do have a small obsession with Amy Poehler, but I kid you not when I say It was one of the best books I read lately. Granted, I technically didnt finish yet, but the way it just pulled me in was phenomenal. The first night I started reading it I figured, ah, I’ll just read a couple of pages and checkit out before I’ll go to sleep, and then literally stayed up 2 hours past my bedtime. If you needed prove that Amy is one of the funniest women alive, I give you this. Read just one chapter, and I dare you say otherwise

So whats you bestest, fab, feb fave?

Lots of love


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