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Getting Rid of That Holiday Flap

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Lets just face it, when the holiday season comes along, as much as you love spending time with your family and friends your stomach loves it more. Theres dinner, and then deserts and snacks and chocolate and everything glorious that just looks way too good to refuse. With that customary  “Hey its only once a year” excuse you just chug, chug, chug and then when you come back home, a wave of regrets floods your body, and you just want to get your body back into balance as fast as possible.
If you are in any way like me, you appreciate the simplicity and availability of a home workout, and hey, whats more available than YouTube?
I’ve gathered some of my favourite workout YouTube channels for you to try to hopefully help get a hold of the little food baby 🙂


Probably one of the most popular fitness channels featuring Cassey Ho, a small powerhouse of a woman that will make you jumpou of your place before you even know it. One of my favourite all time videos from her Abs On Fire and her  Arms on Fire videos (the latter being probably one of the only arm workouts that actually work for me). If you are looking for something excite you out of the couch, than Cassey is the gal for you, just saying, the girl has some serious energy in her

Be Fit –  Jillian Michaels

For some reasons, sometimes nobody gets me motivated more than Jilian Michaels. She can basically make you believe you can do more than you ever thought you could which is always a plus on my side. Try the Shred Workout for that all around madness. You will want to stop midway cus some major action is going on there,  but don’t worry about it. I promise youre gonna feel great afterwards…

Net A Porter / Be Fit – Ballet Beautiful

Who likes big muscles on a woman? If you, like me, said no than I welcome you to the Ballet Beautiful boat. Everyone’s welcome :). These workout routines, despite not looking too harsh, can in fact make you gasp for air after only mere minutes as they work on practically every little part of your body. Mary Helen Bowers, the Ballerina that hosts this web show, uses ballet routines to tackle all your desired trouble areas. I personally love the Lean Legs and But Workout, just because I was blessed with bigger “Assets” below the equator and i feel that this help dramatically. Another favourite will most definitely have to be the Sculpt and Shrink Your Waist workout, featured in Net A Porter. Maybe you wont look exactly like a Ballerina, but at least you’ll look graceful working that flab out…

Yoga With Adriene

I love Yoga. I love how it makes me feel, how it relaxes my muscles and how it shapes my body. Ever since I hurt my leg a month ago while jogging with my dog I havent been doing Yoga at all and my body haven’t felt this weak in a long time. I don’t really like going to lessons for several reasons, first one being that I’m just frugal like that, second is that I am quite self conscious about my body, and lastly and probably the biggest obstacle, there’s just no good Yoga places where I live. Like all frugal people of the internet, I ventured to YouTube and stumbled across YWA. Among a crowd of Yoga Lessons, this one is by far my favourite channels on YouTube by far. In fact, on my Chrome Favourites Bar, I  Currently have two lessons pinned; Strengthen and Lengthen & the Yoga For Weight loss, but there are just so many great ones I can’t really pinpoint only two. And thumps up for Child’s Pose. Man I love Child’s Pose 🙂

Do you like working out on YouTube? If so, what are your favourite channels? I’d love to know, remember – Sharing is Caring 🙂

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