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Happy, Happy, Happy. Happy Holidays!

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I know I’ve been away for quite a bit lately, but it all doesn’t matter anymore now, does it?!
Another here is ending, and the holidays are literally knocking down the door, and so even if you wanna ignore all of that commercialism. All that new year resolution and nearly 100 percent of people Never commit too, you can’t help but agreeing that this is just a magical, and quite fattening time.

Wether its all those mince pies or that all so amazing sufganiot. Or the much adorned fairy lights and beautiful festive color in every god awfully festive corner.
Truth being, you’d have to be the worst cynic to not just love all of that. And as cynic as I am, I don’t think I’ll ever have that much cynicism in me to dislike any of it.

This is the best time of year, and I am just grateful yet again, that I get to enjoy it.
So to whom it may concern, whether you’re a Rainy reader or not, have yourself the best holiday, wether Christmas, Hanukkah, or anything else
Hope we all have the best year, and that I actually get to sit more on this weird typey thing with the screen and actually have time to write to all you lovely people once more (Which I am definitely planning to!)

Lots, and tons, and a ridiculously huge amount of loves, sparkles and sugar overdose

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