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It’s A Love Yourself Kind Of Day

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Not to be too direct or overbearing, but last week was a little hard on me. I yelled and laughed and cried as a swirl of mixed emotions tumbled in. When along came the weekend in all its glory i pampered myself with a Lush worthy bubble bath and my current favourite book and then it dawned on me.

I always wait for the weekend to relax.

I always wait for the weekend to pamper myself.

I always wait for the weekend to gather my thoughts

And for the life of me I couldn’t understand why I have to constantly abuse myself in order to please others. Wether its my boss, family, co workers, friends or even total strangers, i always tend to put myself at the bottom. I am going to commit to a new reign of thoughts to guide me through every single day starting from today.

  • Honestly accept every compliment instead of waving your hand in dismay.
  • Put yourself before others.
  • Dont waste time yelling and getting angry. Situations don’t improve by yelling but only but doing.
  • Take your time to enjoy your cup of tea or coffee. You deserve it! It doesn’t matter if someone wants something done 5 minutes ago you want your tea now!
  • If something bothers you speak up! You’ll regret it afterwards if you don’t!
  • Learn to forgive yourself. Youre only human and everybody makes mistakes. It doesn’t always mean that you cant do it better. It can just as well be rough for everyone.
  • Choose your battles. Even if you were thought to always fight the man, it can be quite consuming. Step down.
  • Learn to accept help. I admit this might be the hardest but if I’m going to force myself than you should too. Some situation just need another perspective.
  • Breath in deep, hold your breath inside for 6 seconds and slowly breath out. 6 seconds can do you wonders.
  • Stretch! even if its only for a minute. Your muscles will thank you
  • Smile whenever you can! Smiling help release endorphins that actually make you happy so just do it!
  • Pamper yourself! Even if its only a minute putting lipstick on or you just like the feeling of brushing your hair. It doesn’t have to be a whole night it could literally take less than 5 min.
  • Stop comparing yourself to other. As tacky as it sounds you’re beautiful and smart in your own way and that’s just great. It wouldn’t be fair to others if youre good in everything, now would it?

Have a great ‘Love Yourself Kind Of Day’ <3

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