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It’s OK to have a bad day…

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Bad Day

These last couple of days have been quite hard on me mentally. Work and life took their toll and I cried and laughed in a weird array of mixed emotions until somehow something found its way through and somehow made it all obsolete. It found myself thinking about work, life and everything trapped there in between and it made me realise something pretty darn awesome. It’s actually OK to have t have a bad day

Firstly, good and bad always find themselves in a scope of relativity, and its pretty hard to gain perspective on a great day without a bad day trapped in the mix. But even if you actually forget about all that logical Mumbo Jumbo, that you might really not wanna hear right now because it might actually be one of those awful days,  but the truth is that basically nobody’s perfect, and we all have those kind of days. They are actually what makes us all human. So whether you feel miserable in your job or just got fired, whether your personal life is in havoc or you feel you don’t live to your potential. Wether nothing seems to go right, and you are so emotional a song or a commercial is enough to make you burst out in tears (Been there, done that) it will eventually just fade away, cus it’s just one of those days.

Tomorrow is a new day. Tomorrow something great is going to happen, come on there you, I know you can feel it! And even if it won tomorrow then it’ll just get better the next day, because waiting has a tendency to make things a lot sweeter.

Once you’re in the eye of the storm, in the craze of the worst day of your life, it can be quite impossible to see anything past it. It all gets way too harsh and its nearly impossible to find any perspective, so just remember;

“Yesterday is history. Tomorrow is a mystery. Today is a gift. That’s why it is called the present.”

                                                                                                                                             Alice Morse Earle

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