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Just Thought You Needed a Hug…

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Because It’s the start of a new week, and you just want to stay in bed a little bit more. Its cold outside and you want to cuddle in, grab back the corners of your blanket and cover back your eyes. You got the case of the monday blues and work seems so out of the question but you do it anyway, so you should be proud. So just hug yourself. Hug your cubicle friend. Hug your roommate. Hug your dog, your cat, your nieces or nephews.Hug your mom, your dad, your best friend. Hug a tree – no scratch that, probably not the greatest idea, scratchy tree bark and all :).

Hug someone. Anyone. Why? Because it’s energizing, its warming, its mutual and it will make your day a whole lot better.

See here, Khaleesi is even giving you a free one 🙂

Have a great week everyone!    ({})

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