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Look Fantastic September Beauty Box?

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September is probably my favourite month. Not only is it the start of my favourite season, it is also the month of my birthday, and in an effort to try as much new stuff In this oh glorious occasion I figured it might be a nice Idea to actually get myself a beauty box. Now the only monthly subscription box I’ve ever tried was a dog snack and toys one for my little barking angel he so I clearly didn’t really know what to expect, well other than the numerous YouTube/ Blogposts out there. So as the weeks past this week I’ve finally received my little box here along with some other nifty and fancy purchases, that I’ve already had my dab in, and I’ll thought I’ll share it with you lovely rainy folks!IMG_4793

The shipping here was probably most ideal, in the rate of free. Yes, free international shipping, and I got the box itself with the discount so again, I think it’s a bargain. And before you say anything, no I’m not an affiliate, nor was I asked to buy this little box here, I was simply intrigued and lacked any self-control apparently.IMG_4799

The package itself contains tons of vouchers, unfortunately most of them aren’t valid for international customers, which is a a damn shame. I did however liked the fact that they offer a 20%  discount on all the full-sized products in the package. Though to be fair, you could normally always find a discount of some sort, at the min of 15%, so not highly impressed there, but hey that’s a nice thought I guess. Now to the contents, some are hits and some are misses for me, so I thought I’ll start from the best to worse, in my opinion

IMG_4801Definitely a hit here! I just love Caudalie products, being natural, Paraban and cruelity free and have been dying to try there Vinosource line for ages.  The prices of these two samples here (Full sizes are 40 ml and 30 ml, accordingly) should be just a bit more than the price of the box itself, and I get to finally try two products I always wanted to without having to commit and buy the full size product, so huge plus there


The texture here is pretty nifty (Again that word, I’m horrible I know), and the size is pretty respectable, especially once you go online and check the price for the full 50 ml size (36£(!)). I have yet to include it in my routine, but I can honestly see a great deal of love going on here


This looks rather interesting, and if it actually does keep my tanner than a ghost farther into the wintery period who am I to argue? Though I cannot fully attest to it i can honestly say the smell is rather nice as is the texture and that it does look rather moisturizing

IMG_4806Now this is in no way a review of the product, but to my maney set of her this small duo will probably give me two uses at the most (And that’s if I’m lucky). I swear to god, the person who created travel sized shampoo and conditioner bottles had no regards to curly full haired gals, but hey, I wont discriminate.


Pretty much as his upstairs partner there plus was really disappointed I didn’t receive the Intense repair mask, as I have heard of it.

IMG_4804Last but not least, the Bliss Fabulous Face Wash. I love bliss products but am not the greatest fan of foaming facial washes as I feel they strip and dry my skin. I am willing to give this a try though, but will likely transfer it to a friend or my moms, just because it’s not really my cup of tea.

And that’s it! Man this was a long one! The Look Fantastic Beauty Box can be bought HERE, starting from 11.25 £ for a subscription.

Did you try a monthly subscription box? If so I’d love  some recommendation. Kind of love the idea of a monthly surprise box!

Lots of love


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