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Making Matcha White Chocolate

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I’ve been Vegan for about half a year now and one of the things I’ve missed most would probably have to be white chocolate. I’ve searched high and low and could not for the life of me find a non dairy version of white chocolate, And if there one thing any of you would probably have to know about me is that when I crave something, I would run miles and miles to get it. So I have tinkered with a couple variation and thought I’d share them with you. FYI, the ingredients are not at all cheap, quite the opposite actually. But if you wanna treat yourself, you might as well do a good job out of it.

What you’ll need

125 gr. Cocoa Butter

1 Tbs Icing Sugar OR 1 Tsp Stevia Powder

1 Tsp Vanilla Paste

1 Tsp Matcha Powder

1 Spoon Coconut Butter

Dash of Pink Himalayan salt

How To?

Add your coconut and cocoa butter into a double boiler on medium heat. Make sure that the bottom of your  bowl does not touch the water. Mix for 5 minutes or until even.


After mixture is even you can add your other ingredients and mix it all up to its greenery heaven

FullSizeRender (1)

Next up just pore it all in your favourite chocolate pan (And if you don’t have one, the seriously get one fast. Cus seriously, how cute can a pan be?!)


Now just put in fridge for about an hour and thats it!

Learn from my mistakes

  • Pretty rudimentary, but if you use those little cute silicone pans like the one above I highly recommend straightening it up on a tray before pouring you liquidy chocolate mixture inside. Its impossible to pick up without
  • This is not at all sweet as store bought white chocolate, which I rather liked. But if its not your thing I suggest doubling the sugar or stevia amount


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