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Marching in March Favourites

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Marching In


We are nearing our wintery departure while my favourite season says its goodbye, and boy time does fly by when your having fun, doesn’t it? Now despite this is all being written of my couch while my twisted little toey is recovering, and me probably being a tad off on account of all of the drugs and all (Oversharing much?), I did manage to find several amazing product I literally fell in love with this last month, so without further adu, here are my marching march favourites 🙂

Korres Wild Rose Exfoliating Cleanser

This stuff right here is just amazing! Its not too abrasive, as a creamy like texture and a mild rosy scent to keep all that scrubby feeling on your face. I use it once or twice a week to get that dry transitional seasonly patches away from my face (cus no one want those really) and it does the job brilliantly

Bourjois Rouge Edition Velvet Lipstick in #Happy Nude Year

My love for the new Borjouis Rouge Edition Velvet seems to not fade as easily. Ive invested myself in yet another shade and could not pull away from it those last couple of weeks. The texture is amazing. The Lasting power is just wow and the shade is just all sorts of awesome, so whats not to like?

imageNatOrigins Lengthening Mascara

Everyday Mascaras for me seemed to be a big no-no lately, as working in front of a computer screen all day long made my eye irritate and seems to have taken away way too many lashes as its victim, so I’ve decided to search for a less conventional brand and  did my usual googley research to find this NatOrigins one, and I have to say I was pretty pleasantly surprised.  It doesn’t give you a huge falsey lashey look, but a more lengthy natural look that looks perfect for everyday uses!NatOrigins

Madara Herbal Deodorant

This might be on the pricier side but when my search for a natural deodorant that actually works sparked no results I’ve turned to the steeper price range and as luck would have it, this thing here actually does work! I know, I know, I just might be a little too excited, but hey that’s me, getting all riled up over some things, but that’s just me

Lush’s Santa Lip Scrub.

Last award goes to the limited edition Coca Cola flavoured lip scrub from they Christmas range that had literally took me too long to try, but is still just amazing. Patchy lips aside, this actually gives you a glossier finish too that’s always a good thing, but then again, I’ve always been a sucker for Lush’s lip scrub. I will however need to curb my enthusiasm as until next christmas arrives. I’m a huge sucker for Lush limited editions

imageSo, whats your greatest Marchy discovery?

Lots of love



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