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Natural Facial Treatments – Part I –

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When I was a kid I remember walking in to the kitchen and seeing my moms face covered in white. I can still remember how I was both startled and intrigued at the same time. My mom, who used to study cosmetics among other thing, trusted me with quite a handful of natural facial treatments. I also like to think that I learned some more along the way.

Now you might be a bit skeptic, but trust me. In the old “Guess my age” game, no one ever comes close to my mom’s age, which in itself is amazing. So I thought I’d post you my “Unofficial Natural Facial Treatment Guide”, because apparently I love creating guides. Who knew?

Buttermilk – So I bet some of you might be wondering , what was that white stuff on her face. I guess the title; Buttermilk, kind off gave you the answer there. We have this brilliant sourly dairy drink here in Israel called “Rivion”, which is basically buttermilk. we used to always leave a little bit in the carton for her. The lactic acid in the buttermilk not only help moisturizer and getting rid of dead skin cells, but also brightens the skin and help diminish the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles.

Tomato – For those of you who think oranges have all the fun, beware the power of the tomato. Oranges technically have more vitamin C, but tomatoes are less acidic, and very rich in minerals making them perfect for your face for both brightening and moisturizer effect. you can leave them as a mask on their own for a glowing effect. you can also use them on acne spots as they do contain anti inflammatory  properties and can help reduce redness. for my personal taste, i find that some home remedies work better for acne, but we’ll get around to them as well

Strawberry – I love the smell of strawberries. Could there really be something that smells better? Fair warning though, you may want to lick your face off when you put strawberry on your face. This has a powerhouse of brightening effect. It even helped diminish half of my freckles. I usually mesh it out on its own and just leave it on my face for at least 30 min. You may look like a giant, well strawberry. But who cares?

Lemons – another Mega Brightening Powerhouse. This help brighten up the skin brilliantly and works wonders on dark spots, but it can be quite acidic. I personally prefer using strawberry on my face and lemon on my elbow and knees. To be honest, when I’m home I usually forget its there but it does brighten those pesky little spots.

Rose Water – Another smell I just can’t get enough off. I actually invented a rosewater and white chocolate cookies because I love the smell so much. But I don’t just love it for the smell, this makes a great toner. Not only does it help balance your skin’s PH balance, but also help fight acne and other skin conditions. You can even spray it on your face in the morning to help awaken and hydrate your skin.  It even helps in the prevention of fine lines and wrinkles, and who doesn’t want that?

Coconut Oil– I’m addicted to this stuff, true I’ve only heard about it around three years ago but I cant get enough. I usually keep two jars, one in the bathroom and one in the kitchen. This have real good fatty acids, and great taste so I love putting it in my smoothies and tea and even make popcorn and bake with it. It apparently also has Lauric Acid, which helps kill bacteria and fungi, boost your metabolism and reduce hunger. But enough about that, were talking about skin treatments. And although you can use it in “Oil Cleansing Methods”, i usually prefer using it for makeup removal especially eye makeup. Not only does it remove it brilliantly but it will also help you grow thicker and longer lashes. Its high moisture level makes it the perfect hair mask too. It has a low molecular weight and easily penetrates the hair and moisturizes it. I usually rub coconut oil all over my hair once a week and braid it just before i go to sleep (Usually before i need to change my sheets :)). after my morning shower, my hair feels amazingly  silky and soft. It even helps in the prevention of lice and treat dandruff (Eek). You can use it all over your body as body butter, especially if you get dry skin during the winter, it just soaks it all up. Though it can get quite slippery in the bathtub so watch out.

My personal winter coconut oil favourite is using a spoonful of sugar (I like to use Organic Cane Sugar, but any sugar will do) and mix it with one and a half teaspoon of coconut oil for a lip scrub. it remove all of the dead skin cells straight off and softens your lips to smooch perfection 🙂

Honey – Fun fact, honey is the food that never gets spoiled. There was actually a finding of thousand of years old jars of honey that was completely edible, I don’t think I’d want to actually eat them, but still, pretty amazing. The secret about its eternal shelf life comes from its extremely low water percent and acidic level, making it a natural antibacterial powerhouse. It’s also full of antioxidants, and even helps open up your pores. Since it also have moisturizing effects it’s not too stripping for your skin as well. perfect for acne. I make sure to always use raw honey or Manuka honey and avoid processed honey as it loses so much of its antibacterial properties. Manuka honey is, by my opinion the best first aid kid. if you’re talking about an antibacterial powerhouse there you go. this is seriously the best. Make sure you buy one with a UMF of at least +10 for spot treatment.

To create a honey scrub just mix 2 spoonfuls of Manuka honey and a one and a half spoonfuls of grained oats or maze and scrub it off! I usually scrub my face for around 3 minutes and leave it on for 30 minutes more. I than use a hot (as much heat as you face can bear, i say) damp face cloth to remove it, pressing it thoroughly on my to my face and then use spray som rosewater or a toner of my choice while my clogs are still open. Your skin will than appear glowing, and your spots will diminish quite a bit. I do however have to warn you that the face licking, for me anyway, never fades.But hey, its natural, so no harm done 🙂

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