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New Start…

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Ever since I was a kid I loved writing. The feeling you get by just scribbling down couple of lines or curves and create a letter, than a word, than a song or a book baffles me to tis day. It seemed as if whenever given the chance to write reports in school i’ve never tried to skimp on a letter or a phrase, and always ran back home with proud gestures pointing on the paper.

Words have power to mend or break a person, to guide one to greatness or put one’s insecurity in a dangerous place. I have always guearded them with highest of importance and yet regrettably it took me this long to find my own voice on page (or web). I find later to be much much better than never. We only live once and this is our time to shine, create and emerge into the world. This is our time to see ourselves the way we always wanted to be viewed, to cast ourself into greatness, so why not do what you love?

I know that some bloggers will try and throw “facts” back and forth just like the ping and the pong and expect you to accept them to your life in a glimps of an eye, and if thats what your searching for than great, but thats just not me. I dont claim to know everything. Heck, I’m not even sure I know any more than any of you guys, but thats fine cus I dont claim to. This are my experiences, my life, things I cherish and love and things that built me to be the person I am, and if thats not worth sharing, I’m not sure what is. And if you wanna tag along, well, the more the merrier!

From books, music, food, health to beauty & fashion faves – I’m hoping to share all of those here, with you guys

Hope you all enjoy the start of new road…

Natalie Alice Zigdon
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