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November Beauty Favourites

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The rainy month seems to have passed us in the blink of an eye, and with the passing of another month comes Monthly Favourites time! To be fair, this is only my second monthly favourites post so if you have any suggestions please comment down below, I’d love to hear every single bit of your wonderful words 🙂 

Make it up


Nars Orgasm Blush

This is a really old favourite that i keep falling back in love with. The colour is absolutely beautiful its dark enough for that flustered love in those cold winter months without being too strong or overbearing. The pigmentation itself is extremely strong, I’ve been using it on and off for more than two years and not a smudge, its like the MaryLuminizer flushed sister.

Embody It


Soap & Glory’s The Breakfast Scrub

Now I love myself some soap and glory, I’ve been using their Flake Away scrub for ages now and was absolutely sure it was one of the best scrubs I tried, it wasnt too harsh, it was so smooth and buttery and the smell was great, so when I say that for me, this puts  flake away in its little tiny pocket, be sure that I totally mean it.

First of all the scent. This literally smells like a Pancakes with maple syrup, and not the fake maple syrup, I’m talking about the full grade B deliciousness of real maple syrup. The Texture is for me, even better, as it is more effective but still not too harsh. If you are a Soap & Glory fan, like me, but don’t have access to their products you can get them at with free international shipping with any purchase above 35£

(* I am not a Solretail Affiliate. I simply searched high and low for a shop that offers S&G products with free shipping and thought I’ll share the love)


Michael Todd Oatmeal Spice Bar Soap

You know that thing when go to checkout, enter a voucher code and realize your 3£ short of it being valid? Well this is mainly the reason i bought this and I was super happy that i did. Unlike most Bar Soap, its not too stripping and it glides beautifully with almost a milky texture that is kind of reminiscent Coconut Oil based soaps, and as moisturizing as one – and the scent, oh my the scent. If you love everything chai like me you are going to love this, it can be a little bit scratchy because of the spice and oatmeal chunks, my guess is that they thought it will make it more exfoliating but failed in that department but no matter, cus the rest is still amazing 🙂

Face It


Trilogy Rosehip Oil

I’ve been using this too for years now but have recently splurged on the bigger bottle to help conquer that corocodily winter skin and have couldnt been more happy about it. I feel like i shouldnt really skimp every drop now because this little thing here is absolutely brilliant, I’ve already babbled about it on and on in my Oils in SkinCare Post so i will just sum it up for you. This is by far one of the best night treatment there is. It moisturizes, evens out and smooth your skin brilliantly while adding that umph kind of glow and you, no all of us should use it. Thats it, I rest my case.

Bask in it


The Bathory Custom Bath Soak

I was a little hesitant to add this, simply because it was already in my Pamper Edit, but i havent really used the other well enough to justify adding them instead. The Bathory is an online store that gives you the ability to create youre own bath soak, you can choose between 3 Salt Mixes; Detox, Bask & Sooth and choose 3 types of essential oil to add to the mix. I’ve only used Detox and am planning to go for Bask next but from what I can sense, the quality is indeed great. Now I know this may sound quite frugal but i do tend to cheat quite a bit, even though the box suggest adding a 1/4 to 1 tub of this thing i usually just mix 2-3 Tbs with my Bubble Bath of choice and you might not get all of the benefits by i still love it.

Nail It


 SEPHORA by OPI Nail Colour Casanova Is So Into Me

Being the frugal person that i am i tend to avoid unnecessary purchases and try to recycle most of my beauty armory. I was searching for a berry shade with a hint of pink and found this fellow year which I got a little over a year ago. despite the fact that I did need to dilute it a little bt with my Seche nail polish thinner, the application and lasting power are still amazing..

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