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Oils in SkinCare Routines & Oil cleansing Tips

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In the last couple of years I’ve started incorporating more and more oils into my skin care routine. It eventually resulted in half a pantry filled with oils most of which are reserved purely for skin and hair care. I am in no way a professional on the subject but I’ve changed and switched everything up so much that I’ve got it pinned down to a system so I thought I’d share it with you.

Oils are a cheaper, healthier alternative for your usual skin care products. Most companies already recognize the benefits of natural oils and already contains some natural oils but you get so much more worth when you use the oil itself. So I say, why buy the cow when you can get the milk for free? or at least a lot cheaper.

I’ve tried to minimize the least to include my most go to oils, some aren’t even oon the picture, and i am planning to do another post that focuses on essential oils, so I you’re wondering; “Hey, where’s the rest?”- Just stay tuned…


Eye Makeup Remover

Coconut Oil – As appropriate for our list I’ve started it out with our shining star. I use this HUGE jug here for EVERYTHING. I’ve already gave it a hardy mention in my Natural Facial Treatments post. Now I might I wont add too much here as I already mentioned quite a mouthful of uses for this one here, but in lack of better words, this is the bomb. For the face though, i usually just use this as an makeup remover – Now you have probably already heard of it by now but if you don’t let me break the news for you – This is probably the best eye makeup remover you’ll get. Its quick, natural and non abrasive. Simply take a pea size amount, rub it between your fingers until it reaches the right consistency and rub gently on your eyelids. don’t be afraid to reach your eyebrows too as this as major moisture skills and even promotes hair growth, than just rob the excess oil off with a damp cotton pad and your done. you can also use it with a oil cleansing method as it as high antibacterial properties. I personally don’t as I find you really need high quality cold pressed one, otherwise I’ll just starting breaking out, and trust me when I say it’s not a pretty sight.

Base Oils:

Hazelnut Oil – Now this is a really has a real vital step in my “Night Skincare Routine”, I use this with other carrier oils on my face almost on a daily basis, alternating with the  ‘Eve Lom Cleansing Balm’ which I use once a week. This is a great moisturizer, and great source for Vitamin E making it great as an AntiAging Treatment  as well. This is also one of my favourite oils for my OCM (Oil Cleansing Method).  His high antibacterial properties and moisture make it perfect for daily use unlike his Castor Oil brethren. If your skin is dry or on the sensitive side and you want to start incorporating this one in your skin care routine, I suggest starting from 10% Ratio and going up until you find your perfect combo

Castor Oil – For me this is the harshest of Base oils but I do like to bring in the big guns from time to time, usually around that time of the months as it works wonder on breakout due to its extremely high antibacterial properties. This is also really work good as a las lengthening or brow thickening agent on daily regiments. In just two weeks youre lashes gonna flutter like crazy. I usually only use base oils with OCM or spot treatment like an lash lengthening overnight treatment. while typing this in I realise that I havent really added a picture of the castor oil I use but I try to use high quality hexane free cold pressed one

Carrier Oils

Avocado Oil – Fair warning; This is not one of the better scented ones and for me at least, it took some time to get used to, but its effects on the skin are pretty great. It has amazing moisturizing affect and even help even out your skin tone. I will however implore you to only use the higher  quality cold pressed one to reap all of the benefits. This is for me one of the most affordable go to carriers for my OCM.

Grapeseed  Oil – This has quite a bit of antibacterial properties so it suppose to help fight acne as well. It’s not as potent as  other oils and since I like my skin baby smooth I lean towards other carrier oils as there are so much better alternatives instead. It is quite on the cheaper side so if your on a tight budget try it out. Just search for a cold pressed high quality one. If you have very dry or sensitive skin, this might be a better option for you.

Sweet Almond Oil – I know we already had moisture in the list, but can there really be enough of it? I add this as a carrier in some of my OCM combos or let it do its job on its own as a night-time moisturizer. This also does a great job at evening out your skin tone and reduce dark eye circles so it’s a great eye cream alternative as well.

Olive Oil Really deep moisturizing affect, even as a body lotion if you don’t mind the smell. I feel as if I don’t use this as much for skincare as the other since i always cook with it. For best uses with skin care (And salads) grab an old of an extra virgin cold pressed one.

Day/ Night Routine 

Rosehip Oil – This too is out of the picture, mainly because my mom heard on dr. Oz a month ago on all its benefits and decided to try this out too. I usually get the Trilogy one as it is the purest I can find and usually on sale. I’ve added this to my regime around a year ago and it truly is amazing. It has retinoic acid and high levels of vitamin A so its  kind of acts kind of like a less intense retinolmeaning its also perfect as an Anti Aging treatment as well . for me I find that it really hydrates my skin, evens out my skin tone and really does make my skin glow the morning after. . It also helps combat the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles, but it’s too soon to notice so I cant really attest to this, but it is still an amazing nighttime treatment. I usually use this more as a nighttime moisturizer a couple of times a week in the winter.

Argan Oil – I personally don’t know anyone who havent heard about our little friend here. It can enter your cuticles and add intense moisture straight away so most of us use it in hair treatment but trust me, tis glory in a tiny, tiny bottle. Its note as brightening and glowing as the rosehip one but it does add more moisture and give you that glowing look. I usually add a couple of drops of this thing here to my OCM or, again, as nighttime moisturizer. Brilliant.

Maracuja Oil – I got this as a gift from Sephora a couple of months ago and was eager as a beaver to try it out being the oil junkie that I am. to be honest I kind of feel like it’s a less intense version of pure Argan oil. It does feel nice on the skin ands sinks is a lot better than Argan oil but it doesn’t give that glowy dewy affect which I love. This might suit oily skin a lot better than the Argan one and does a really decent job as a daytime moisturizer as it sinks in quite nicely. I would not suggest adding this to OCM as it is too light for my taste


Evening Primrose Oil – I was quite perplexed in whether to add this one to the mix as I don’t really apply it to the skin, but it help protect it from breakouts non the less. My skin pretty much cleared up after  a couple of months into the OCM but because I tend to suffer from the occasional breakouts around that time of the month I decided to add a teaspoon of Evening Primrose just before. I usually drink it as is or mix it in with my tea and it helps keep those pesky little stuff away. Since it works mainly by helping to balance up those cray cray hormones it actually also help with the cramps and other uncool stuff that usually happen around that time. I might have gone a little TMI there, but hey, all for the greater good.



If you’ve never tried putting oils on your skin or adding them to your skincare routine, than what are you all waiting for? Even if you have oily skin – Dont fret. Most people think drying your face will help balance it out but it  just makes things worse. Its better to fight oily skin with oil as it  helps balance it. Think of it that way, if your skin is stripped with harsh chemical it tends to over compensate and excrete more oil to the surface.

Some oil combination works better for others so like most skin care routines it is important to listen to your skin. For reference, my skin type is combination to normal. It used to be more on the oilier side when I  mismanaged my nutrition but now it only gets oily around my T zone on that time of the month. On a daily reference I found that 1/2 Hazelnut Oil, 1/4 Avocado Oil and 1/4 Sweet Almond oil works best for me. I tend to only use Castor Oil when harsher elements are required, Usually after I indulge myself with a some pizza . Like most skin care regimes, play with it till you find what suit you best

If you have dry/sensitive skin I will suggest choosing Hazelnut Oil instead of Castor Oil.

For  Dry/Sensitive Skin – Try starting with 10% base oil 90% carrier oil.

For Normal Skin – Try starting with 20% base oil 80% carrier oil.

For Combination/Oily – Try starting with 30% base oil 70% carrier oil.

Again, if you find it too light or too harsh change the dosage to your liking

You can even skip your makeup remover with this one. Simpy mix it al rub and rub it on your skin for a couple of minutes than was with a damp hot cloth, followed by your usual skincare routine. There are also alot of other oils that might even work better for you so keep you eye out.

Happy Oiling Everyone!    (I’m pretty sure I just made up a new verb :))

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