For Your Soul

Autumn Melodies

Natalie Alice Zigdon

I guess it can’t really come to a surprise that the first official blogpost on a site named RainyAllie will focus on autumn

Living in Israel, I was quite certain its not gonna rain anytime soon, but I guess the gods of the World Wide Web had better plans.

There’s something so  sincere in the scent of rain, addicting even. When you sit home and tiny droplets meet your window, right before the storm. And than you put a kettle on and make some tea, or chai, or some hot cocoa.

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For The People

New Start…

Natalie Alice Zigdon

Ever since I was a kid I loved writing. The feeling you get by just scribbling down couple of lines or curves and create a letter, than a word, than a song or a book baffles me to tis day. It seemed as if whenever given the chance to write reports in school i’ve never tried to skimp on a letter or a phrase, and always ran back home with proud gestures pointing on the paper.

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