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Past Summer Solstice

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We’ve officially past summer solstice and made our way into summer people, and even though I am technically a proud wintery gal, some things about the sunny season are undeniably precious. Besides the fact that the Sun has been widely regarded as a cure for depression, and as an excellent source of Vitamin D, summer is the time to get out of the house and just enjoy a new kind of energy. Even if you’re a homey kind of person, like me. You have a chance to get out, catch some color. Drink some Ice Tea  and just travel and have fun. Wether its to another country. Laying down a sandy beach or just cozying around a lawn chair in the back yars.

It is no secret that I’ve always been a stay at home, lots of people=bad kind of person. But if you push yourself, like me, you might actually have loads of fun  from stuff you never thought you could enjoy before. Because theres something about the energy, or the sea water that just makes it all worthwhile. And even if you’re a fellow Rainy individual, such as myself, you’ll be a fool to not notice.

Have a bright and sunny summer beautiful guys and gals

And don’t forget to use sunblock! 🙂

Lots of Love



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