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Product Spotlight:Mask of Magnaminty by Lush

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Its enough to read a couple of my beauty post to realise I have a slight obsession with Lush’s Mask of Magnaminty, as I already mentioned it so many times, but it trully is one of my favourite products to this day.

I’ve decided to start a series in which I’ll add those products that utterly changed my skincare routine. The one’s I can seriously not see myself without and this one just seemed so appropriate to kick it off it was definitely a must add. In this not so little pot of heaven you get a minty, honey mixture that smells pretty much exactly as it sounds, and tastes good too! And yes, weird as it might sound, curious old me just had to taste it- Cus hey, its mostly natural, right?

Packaging wise, you get the standard Lush packaging which I rather like. It might not be the Luxury ones from high end but its from recycled Material and as always, you get a free mask once you returned 5 empty pots which I always thought to be a clever way to get people to actually think about recycling. Because Its mostly natural ingrediants the texture can be on the rougher side, so If you are looking for a smoother consistency look away. I personally love mask on the rougher texture as I find them to help scrub and smooth your skin as well once you remove them, oh and removing it basically does that exactly. The mask doesn’t dry out completely, so when you do add water and wash it out you get a milky scruby texture that works brilliantly to remove dead skin cells . And for the price? Personally I’ve never found any other mask with better value and quality than this one. For less than  £10 (on the big pot) you get so much uses its ridiculous. I do however suggest going for the self perserving version (and yes there are actually two versions) if you order it online or just don’t need to use it as frequently

So why is this in my arsenal of All Time Favourite Products you ask? Because it probably one of the best masks I ever used for dull skin and acne. In fact, I find it to work even better than the oh so expensive GlamGlow Clearing Treatment. You just leave it on your face for 10-30 minutes, and it just purifies all those nasty little spots there and smooths out your skin brilliantly. For me, if you want a real good acne treatment, aside from my favourite DIY Manuka Mask (Plain old manuka honey, and done!) this is the shiz, or the bees knees, or whatever else you’d want to add here.

And Yeah, I might look like Shrek during, but as long as I don’t forget its on and walk outside with it again, its all good.

So what do you think? Have you ever tried this Lush mask before?

Lots of love


Mask Of Magnaminty

£9.75/315g or £5.5/125g












  • Price
  • Packaging
  • Scent
  • Overall effectiveness


  • Scent might be too strong if youre not a fan
  • Can be abrasive
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