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Raw Vegan Energy Bars To The Rescue!

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On a normal day to day basis I wake up at 5:30 to 06:00, and within getting ready, making my face up, Yoga and taking Kassie for her morning walk I barely have time to get grab myself anything to eat before leaving for work at 7:00, so I’ve decided to make this bad boy up to satisfy my morning blues. Now don’t let the look of this morning delight here in any way fool you. It might look a tad dark but its  wickedly deliciously and packed full of wonderful treats to help give yourself that much needed morning boost you. So if youre on the go kind of girl like me, this might possibly be your start of the day saviour. All you need is a little bit of prepping in advance and you’re good to go 🙂

What you’ll need:

500 grams of pitted soaked dates

100 grams of soaked cacao nibs (to soften them a little bit)

100 grams chia seeds

2 Tbs of Maca powder

pinch of Salt

1 Tsp Vanilla extract or Vanilla Vegan Protein powder


Food Processor


Parchment paper

How to?

Now this is ridiculously easy to make, all you need to do is mix it all up in a food processor until you reach an even texture


Than just layer a pan with parchment paper and even the batter on top of it. Don’t be afraid to get your hand working there too! Dampen (and obviously wash) you hands and even it all up.


leave the pan in the frizzer for an hour or two, remove it and slice the bars to your liking and return to fridge overnight, and thats it


The bars won’t become too stiff in frizzer so you can just grab one out just before you head off to work for an healthy energy filled start of day

Have an energy filled week!

Lots of Love

Allie <3

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