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The Hardship Of Winter Exercises

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There’s something somewhat appealing in the adrenalin you get after a good workout. Your blood rushing faster. Your breath waiting to be tamed. The detoxifing feeling of sweat surrounding your skin . I dont think I’ve ever really been in good shape, or better yet the shape I wanted to be. I was always the bookish type and generally prefered doing other stuff more to be honest. Though I’ve always find there’s something highly intriguing and appealing that 5K run.

 Thankfully, in spite of my fair share of insecurities regarding my shape and stamina I was hyped back to a new workout routine by Blogger and Youtuber@VivianaDoesMakeup  and decided to do a couple of jogs around my flat just to try to raise my stamina. It unfortunately  overlapped with the morning frost that’s typical this time of year and after only one jog, my training shoes were left abandoned by the stairs.

Lets face it, for some of us morning workouts are a total agony. If you’re like me, meaning you are definitely NOT a morning person, it could be a dreadful feet, and in the winter nearly impossible. If you usually have to restrain your hand from overusing the snooze button, than my guesses is that if it’s still dark outside, and frozen anywhere beyond your sheets than you are probably not going anywhere. Unfortunately, for a full-time worker, morning is the best time to get your blood boiling.

I’ve taken it upon myself to push myself further, and I know that its only been a week but I am very optimistic, so here are some tips for a morning workout when its just way too freezing outside for a morning workout.

Put your training shoes and workout clothes right next to your bed. Trust me it will make it all much easier getting it straight out-of-the-way and not over thinking the “Oh its too cold today, I’m not gonna change to my workout clothes. Lets just stay in bed”. Whats your excuse? they’re right there next to you and you already need to change your PJ’s 🙂

Starting your workout playlist from your bedroom. And if you don’t have a workout playlist, make one, or even check for a playlist on Spotify (Mine’s Here: Workout Time!). If you’re getting into your workout vibe first thing in when you wakeup, chances are the lazy bug isn’t going to affect you.

Invest in a indoor workout routine, for those cold and rainy days. If you’re waking up to that wet kind of weather and you start dismissing your daily (Or TriWeekly/BiWeekly) workout for the day, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can do it the next day. Weather is a fickle thing you know? Try to invest in a good workout routine. It can be a collection of exercises you’ve tried before, a playlist of YouTube videos you’ve created (Check out Blogilates, Yoga With Adrian etc.) or a training DVD like Insanity Workout or a Jillian Michaels Video etc.

A 10 minute workout is OK. Heck, even a fiver is fine if you’re running late. Try not making a habit out of it, but it is still much better than skipping the day all together, especially if your just starting. You need to adjust your body for a workout routine, and even if 5 or ten minutes might not be enough, it will keep you on path and eliminate the procrastination element the seems to be attacking everyone during those winter months. If you’re not sure what you can do in 5 or ten minutes try a combo of core training like plank and cardio training like rope skipping

Hydrate. I think there is a misconception about the water intake during those cold winter months. The truth is you always need to drink water and their is always a danger for dehydration. Even when you sleep you burn energy so try drinking at least one glass of water first thing in the morning. Not only will it help awaken you but it’s also boost your metabolism and incredibly good for your skin.

Whats your favourite winter exercise tip?

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