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The Hype Debate – “50 Shades of Grey” – Yay or Nay?

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There’s a “50 shades of grey” movie coming out this February, and since this book kind of embodies the hype debate logic for me I figured it would be a great book to start my “Yay or Nay” series. This book was literally everywhere when it first published, for obvious reasons, so I was quite curious and had some high expectations which it clearly failed to reach for almost every possible way.Firstly, for those of you who might not know, and that’s probably most of you,  a movie named “Secretary” who came out in 2002 have amazing similarities with “50 shades”. Not only is the storyline similar but the main character, played by James Spader (who is ,on an unrelated note, one of my favourite actors)  name is Mr. Grey but the storyline itself starts pretty much the same, so big Nay for the originality there, but I digress.

Now it did manage the catch my attention in the first couple of pages but after that my focus just magically shifted. My main problem wasn’t the vulgarity, I am a grown woman and from what I heard before I read it and it had to be expected. The book is supposedly targeted to an older audience but the writing itself was worse for me than if I were to read “Clueless”. It came off as extremely immature and frankly, if it was not for persistent old me, I probably wouldn’t have finished it. I didn’t necessarily hated all of it but for the most part I found it really hard to catch up. I may have lost a couple of things in translation, since I did read it in Hebrew, but there’s a limit for what a translation can ruin. The main character was only relatable at first, but I than kind of lost all sense of appreciation. What was first portrayed as an ambitious, smart and opinionated woman fastly became a lap dog. The only thumbs up or yay part I’m willing to give this book is for making people, that wouldn’t before, actually read a book.

Oh, and of course they are releasing the movie on Valentines Day, because what better way to spend a date than seeing this, together, in the Cinema? Yeah that’s not embarrassing at all

So for me, this was an explicit Nay (Pun Intended), but hey, that’s just my opinion. What about you? Did you read “50 Shades of Grey” and if so, what do you think?

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