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The Hype Debate – Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner – Yay or Nay?

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I’ve dangled my share of lip liners quite a bit since the beginning of autumn and I have come across quite a bit of let downs. I find that some simply dried my lips devastatingly. So after all the hype around the Rimmel ones I was convinced and ordered it when the latest sale arrived, even though the price was already pretty affordable, I’m just frugal like that :). I have decided to go for two opposite shades, to try to inspect both ends of the spectrum, so I opted for Eastend Snob and Red Diva, cus you can’t really go wrong with a red lip color. both shades were quite lovely. Eastend Snob, for me,  was the perfect nude color while Red Diva works brilliantly as a bold red lip

I did rather like the packaging as I found it’s quite easier to apply than most lip liners. I’m all for a non pencil version because my sharpener tends to go AWOL whenever it’s actually needed. The application itself is fairly smooth. I did however, still found that like most  lip liners you must have your lips well moisturized before apllying it( Reve De Miel to the rescue),  and even though it does apply quite smoothly and creamingly (Is that even a word?) it does dry out quite fast and can leave your lips flaky, so you may need to dab a little lip balm on top.

As for the lasting power? I was pretty impressed with how long it actually stayed on my lip, what i however, did not love is how it looks when it does smudge a bit. True, it does take quite a bit of time to actually start to smudge (Usually after around 4 hours for me), but it does dry out flakingly, and you can’t really reapply it well afterwords, you’ll have to remove it entirely before reapplying it and removing it is a bit of a hassle. I found that a scrub made from sugar and coconut oil was the only thing that actually removed it brilliantly

Verdict? I did love the shades and the application itself is a lot easier than other lip liners, so big yay for that. The lasting power itself is rather amazing, as true to most lip liners, but since the removal is quite of a hassle I wouldn’t count it as a suitable for a long day, as you will need to reapply it eventually, and in an office environment like mine, working 8 to 5, it can be quite uncomfortable. I will though, definitely repurchase it since for the price itself, you can’t really go wrong 🙂

Rimmel Exaggerate Lip

3.99 £

Red Diva


Eastend Snob



  • Long Lasting
  • Packaging
  • Smooth Application
  • Price


  • Hard to Remove
  • Can be Drying
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