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I know, I know I’m really late to the punch here but I have been trying to avoid computer time so for me it just mean yay! I made it!
Since I am really more of a life enthusiast I thought I’ll just get rid of my beauty category bit and just add everything I thought was plain awesome during this last month, so let’s get to the jist of it, shall we?

Make It Up

Bare Minerals Powder Foundation

Ever since I’ve tried  switching to soy milk I’ve had more than the occasional breakout array decorate my face, needless to say the soy milk is out of the menu, but when breakouts are at play mineral makeup is at bay. I just love mineral makeups and tend to use them a lot more simply because I find them more minimalistic and natural and my skin agrees with them a lot more. I do love my Tarte Amazonian Clay Full Coverage Powder Foundation but as an international shopper I find it way to hard to shop, but this thing here really does the trick perfectly. It doesn’t irritate the skin,  it has really long-lasting power and it does whatever it is you want it to – Cover up your imperfection and even out that skintone, and who doesn’t want that?.

Face It!

Laboratoire du Haut-Segala Organic Rose Water

If you’ve read some of my older posts chances are you already know I have a rosy kind of addiction by now. I have been spraying this on my face in the morning to waken up my face or on the pillows just before bedtime but have recently found a new use for it as my Caudalie Beauty elixir ran out and started spraying this on top of my makeup instead for that extra glow.

Nuxe Reve De Miel

This is actually a really old favourite but it has been my absolute lip kind of saviour during the past month as my lips evolved to a brand new scaley era. I promise you it was not a pretty sight,  so much that matte lipstick had to just go go go out the window. This little jar of wonder here was just a miracle ray of sunshine coming to my rescue. So, so good you’ll wonder why you didn’t use it earlier.

Antipodes Apostle Skin-Brightening & Tone-Correcting Serum

That’s quite a mouthful I know, but after my latest breakout mayhem I just wanted to get rid of all of those nasty scarring cus I am just a terrible picker and this thing is just brilliant for it. It smells like strawberries, and you really only need 3-5 drops for your entire face. Even though it’s on the pricier side, I only try to bring it out when I need the big guns and true enough, after only one week my scars are starting to fade dramatically.

Michael Todd’s Skin Defender Cream Cleanser

Not to gross anyone out or anything but I don’t really use facial cleansers that often. Its more like a morning use for me and then I usually just use a cleansing balm or the Oil Cleansing method at nighttime. I like to keep it simple in the morning and to use something not too stripping that still does the trick focusing more on protection and just something to awaken my skin more than actual deep cleansing it. Don’t get me wrong, this thing cleanses pretty darn good too but It’s still not too harsh and has a crème consistency that just glides on your skin. I also feel that it actually helps with occasional breakout too so kudos for that as well.

Spruce it up!

Wonderland Teapot For One

This isn’t really the most practical tea container as my tea intake  alone passes the tea for one limit, but it’s just so darn perfect! When I was a kid I was obssesed with Alice in Wonderland, so much so that I used to sing the Lobster Quadrille all around the house and know every last bit of it to this day. I went online to IWOOT for a pair of headphone and saw this on sale and decided on the spot there, I just have to have it. It’s currently out of stock but I did find a link to it on Amazon, so if your interested you can go and check it out. And now seriously, isn’t this just the cutest most perfect tea-pot ever?

Read It!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland & Other Stories

So yeah, as expected the Barnes and Noble’s Alice In Wonderland just had to go in because it obviously one of the most beautiful Alice In  Wonderland edition I’ve ever seen and it just works so well  together. I just had to re read it next to my new pot here which is just pure perfection. I might be exaggerating here yet again but just look at it and tell me it’s not the cutest pot of tea you’ve ever seen? Now I just need to invite the mad hatter and the tea party is on! 🙂

Whats your favourite discovery or rediscovery for the month of January? Do you get a little bit cray cray over a new teapot too?

Lots of love


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