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The Liebster Award

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liebster-award-mainThis post is going to be slightly different from my usual rambly dambly ones, not that its gonna be short of rambles because that is just the sort of awkward person that I am.For those of you who might not know what it is, a Liebster award is an award given from one blogger to another, usually to blogs with less than 200 follower, and is just a fun and great way to improve recognition and get acquainted with new blogs or bloggers.

During the past weekend I was nominated for this award by the lovelies Lady Shaz from Lady Shaz Beauty, and Alice Grace Howarth from A-G-E (Thank you gals so much!) and since each blogger gives you a 11 question you need to answer, I figured I’d answer both separately. You know what they say, twice the work twice the fun! (What? nobody actually says that?)

From Lady Shaz  

Why did you choose to blog?

I think that besides the writing aspect of it, which I obviously love, the main appeal was the fact that I really am interested in a rather large amount of subjects, in which most jobs in life will probably mark me as unsuitable, but here it’s actually an advantage

What would you do if you got a 1000 followers?

Jump off of my chair, yell my face off and crack open a bottle of Champagne! (I’m guessing)

What’s your favourite joke?

Life is funnier than any joke. Just an embarrassing way to say I seriously can’t think of anything 🙂

Edit: Just thought of a joke my dad always tells me; A confused man goes to the doctor’s office: ‘Doctor, Doctor! Something is wrong with me! Whenever I drink a cup of tea or coffee I get a splitting headache!’ Doctor: ‘Did you remove the teaspoon?’.  Classic! how did I remember it you ask? I just got hit on the forehead with a teaspoon. Not one of my proudest moments.

If you could describe yourself what would you say?

I would probably say that I’m a weird & socially awkward individual. But chances are I’d be too socially awkward to say anything…

Who’s you favourite YouTuber ?

It comes and goes I think, but for YouTube channels I tend to mostly visit Sourcefed, just because I think its pure entertainment. As for YouTuber, my current favourite is Sara from Holistic Habits which I only recently discovered, but the list just goes on and on so I should probably stop.

What’s your favourite novel or book?

Catcher in the Rye

If there was only one shop you can shop at, which would it be?

One of those huge Supermarkets that has practically everything. Like Costco. (Is that cheating?)

What do you do on your spare time?

Besides the obvious writing part (Duh) I love reading, painting and playing the guitar. I also enjoy the occasional video game, and love a good movie

What’s your favourite tea flavour?

Earl Grey or Chai

If you were stuck on an island for a month and you can have only one person with you  who would it be ?

Probably my dad. He’d be able to build a hut and drainage system in no time

What’s your dream job?

See below (Spolers alert, it involves medicine)

From Alice Grace Howarth

What is your Favourite Book and who is your favourite author?

Whoa, that is a hard one. when I grew up I loved anything Edgar Ellen Poe and Virginia wolf, but I guess if I have to choose a current one, and avoid the classics, it would probably have to be Paulo Coelho, and Veronica Decides to Die.

An old song you still love

I’m going for the genuine oldies because I am truly a huge Nina Simone and Billy Holiday fan, just because you can’t really argue with the classics. It will be extremely hard to choose only one song, though. so this will be another one of my little cheats here

When Did you start Blogging // What made you start?

I started almost 4 months ago. I was tinkering about starting a blog for quite of a long time before it so one day, around a month after my birthday, I just got up thinking life is too damn short and did it.

What is the first Blog you started reading?

I think it was probably the free people blog, simply because it had some awesome playlists and recipes, and the designs there are basically brilliance

Pet Peeves?

Definitely! Anything scratch related, like a fork on a china plate just gives me goosebumps all over

What’s you’re go to nail polish?

I like to change it up, but for everyday stuff I usually go for the plain old nude shade. My current favourite is Butter London Cuppa

What’s your best Travel Experience?

I lived in Cambridge, England three and a half years ago and it was undoubtedly one of the best times of my life. If I could move there permanently, I would in the blink of an eye,

Best and worst school subjects?

English, for starters (my Native language is hebrew), and math and science. I was quite the nerd in school and pretty much loved everything. I did rather dislike gym though. I’m a bigger fan of gym related stuff now but still can’t climb a rope 🙁

Favourite Lipstick colour

Again with the nudes, I know, I have a problem 🙂 Currently I love Rimmel Lip Exaggerate lip liner in Eastend Snob, just because it has hints of pink but still suitable for everyday

Dream Job?

I feel like I’ve always wanted to be a doctor, mainly because I wanted to help people, but it gradually shifting to another place. I guess only time can tell.

Favourite Online Shopping Website?

It kind of varies. I love Asos for fashion, especially around sale season, but for Cosmetics I’m a huge Love Lula and Feel Unique fan.

So there you have it a long, weary posts with lots and lots of unneeded info some of which you probably didn’t even need to know, but hey, I live to share 🙂

I Nominate:
Miriam from It’s My Life
Aisling from AisyBee
Anna from Frazzled Beauty
Emma from Ever Emma
Marie from All Or Nothing

My Questions

What aspect of blogging do you like most?
What is the book that changed your life?
Who is your current favourite blogger or bloggers?
What is the post you enjoyed writing most?
If you could live anywhere in the world, with no regards to money, where would you want to live?
What makes you smile?
What is your favourite childhood movie?
What song lifts your mood the second it starts?
How do you come up with new blogpost ideas?
If you could eat only one thing each day for an entire month, what would it be?
And finally, “borrowed” from the legendary Bernard Pivot:
If heaven exists, what would you like to hear God say when you arrive at the pearly gates?
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  1. Lovely answers to a lovely award. Haha I didn’t get that joke at first but I got it when you said you hit yourself with the teaspoon and I was smiling like an idiot..

    The Life of Little

    1. Not really. You usually need to be nominated by a fellow blogger, but if you really want to just tell me.I don’t think anyone’s gonna put me in blogger prison if I add your name up there 🙂

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