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The Naked Party

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I admit, I can be a little frugal when it comes to beauty buys. Between that all ‘Oh my god, that is so gorgeous!’ and the ‘I must have it! I will have it! *muhahaha’ attitude, I can’t really find myself splurging on a big fancy blush and usually lean towards the drugstore brands because ain’t nobody got the dime for that.

Last time I actually splurged on an eyeshadow pallete, it was my original Naked one which I purchased around two years ago and utterly was smittened with. The colors. The consistency. The pigmentation and the oh so every gosh darn thing about it was simply divine, so naturally I’ve used it since. And you know what? I’ve still didn’t reach pan on any of the shades! Which just goes to show you how amazing it truly still is.

Than the Naked 3 came out, with the gorgeous pink shades and I could just hardly take my mind of it, so I scavenged the net like crazy and as luck would have had it, found a pretty darn decent price for it and tought to my self ‘ Naked I, you’re finally gonna have some company here’ and  I did. FINALLY. And truth being, I don’t regret it one bit!

Every one of the shades is so darn gorgeous and wearable and the formula seemed to have stayed the exact creamingly pigmented same.

The only things I kind of wish it had is a darker pinkish hue, for a deeper ombre look which I kinda like, but I’d easily dismiss it considering the other colors are just so darn pretty.

So hello there Naked 3! welcome to my makeup collection 🙂

Do you own an Urban Decay pallete? If so which one?

Lots of love

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