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I don’t think I remember who was it that told me the difference a serum can make, and how it truly affects your skin, but I do know that my mom has always been a proud advocate of it, and I’m pretty sure that at any given look at her you can understand why (She literally does not look her age – AT ALL).

Serum sips into your skin better, so whichever one you choose can truly have a much larger impact, and even though I’m relatively young, signs of aging starts in your  20’s, and I truly do believe that it is something that is worth the investments. That said, rosehip oil, in my taste, will always be tons better than most serums. But when your searching for that Umph factor, or a little focused treatment here and there. Serum in my taste, is the only think that actually does worth the splurge. So I just thought I’ll share the top edit of my favourite go to serums at the moment if you fancy a read here and there 🙂

Kiehl’s Midnight Recovery Concentrate

Not gonna lie, but this is by far my most expensive skin care product in the my pantry, but it was just oh so worth it. I’ve heard so much about it online before actually pressing the buy button it’s utterly ridiculous, but this is one purchase I dont ever regret. I don’t know whats in this stuff – well actually I do since I research the juices out of it – But my skin drinks it! I just put it on before bedtime and voila! plump radiating skin straight out of a catalogue. Ok, It might be a small tiny exaggeration there but I just truly adore this stuff, especially at wintertime. This is truly my dull dry skin saviour in a bottle

Antipodes Skin Brightening & Tone Correcting Serum

This is my second bottle of this little joy and I absolutely love it. Antipodes i probably one of my favourite (If not the) skin care brands of all time. Their products are usually fair trade, organic and natural which naturally sells it for me. I’ve suffered with hyper pigmentation around my mouth and cheeks and several months of this cleared them right up. It also smells divine with hints of strawberry and raspberry, which makes sense since theyre packed with antioxidants which helps brighten your skin up. And the biggest plus probably, is the gradual disappearance of my cheeky sunspots here and there, that makes just so worthwhile. It can be on the pricey side, but frugal old me just wait for a sale or voucher to appear, which they often do, and purchase another bottle of this fabulousness

Su-Man Velvet Skin Brightening Serum

This is the newest in my artillery and the most expensive one to say the least. The full size one costs 98 GBP, but since that I am not a billionaire just yet, I got myself a sample of 15 ml ( Full size is 30) in  FeelUnique‘s Beauty Around the World box, mainly to try this one out as an alternative for my antipodes one. The texture is lovely once combined. You do need to shake it to let the juices and oils mix together properly till its all nice and pink, and I must confess that my skin literally drinks this thing like a straw and the the effects are pretty wowish, though I hardly think it justifies the price. If it were only half the price I would definitely consider the full on purchase


Whats your go – to, everyday serum?

Lots of love


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