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Things My Mother Taught Me

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I grew up with four older brothers, so being quite obviously the only girl around I became incredibly close to my mother, so close friends literally started calling us the Gilmore Girls. So like every mother and daughter duo, my mom, to this day, inevitably narrates certain part of my life so I just thought it would be nice to share some of the stuff she taught me throughout the years that I, to this day, don’t regret even in the slightest

  • It’s never too early to learn to cook (My first experience being 3-4 years old)
  • Never go to a persons’ house empty ended
  • Always help the hostess (Probably the reason all my friend’s moms loved me)
  • Never interrupt a person while he speaks
  • Never touch your eyebrows 
  • Never go out without a sunscreen
  • Drink tea with sage the second you get a cold (Miracle cure! Trust me:))
  • Put stockings on your hair after straightening to keep it smooth
  • Always walk straight
  • Curly hair always looks better long
  • Skincare doesn’t have to be expensive if you have stuff lying around your house
  • The point where a skirt’s length turns from cute to slutty
  • Always highlight either your eyes or lips, never both
  • Never underestimate how far your brain can take you
  • And on that note being smart isn’t everything, you need to look after yourself too
  • Always drink a glass of water before you eat
  • Never eat standing up
  • If you want to look like someone, look like Marilyn Monroe not Twiggy
  • You don’t need 50 friends, just a couple you can trust
  • Guys might come and go but family is here to stay
  • You’re never to old to need your mom…

What is the most memorable lesson your mother taught you?

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