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Sometimes life makes it impossible to be objective. The farther you get, the more experience you gain and the more lessons you learn. The more you get out of life, the sharper your grasp of who you really are is, and of what you really want to do with your life.

I am feeling rather ill today so decided to take a day off work, something I rarely truly do. I was born a hard worker. I always believed that in order to truly deserve something you have to commit entirely, otherwise, you might not even deserve it. But I did, because besides being sick, I needed to unwind my mind, who was already so entirely preoccupied with  the usual mess. But when I finally set down, with my morning Earl Grey,  I realised how much RainyAllie has changed me.

This Monday (Yes Monday, the day most of you dread) will mark 4 months since RainyAllie was created. This shrine for the mind AKA my online diary. I know you might think its mundane and that sites and blogs are built every day, but I don’t really care about that, I really don’t. In that short amount of time this site thought me so much that it actually became a milestone for me.

When you are a kid you want to be everything, a Doctor, an Archaeologist, a Singer. And yes I did really want to be every bit of those but one thing always stuck with me. Writing.

When I was 8 I wrote my first book. It was a 20 page fan fiction piece I started writing the second I came back from the cinema after watching DragonHeart and I was so pleased with it my pride actually lit the room. I don’t think I’ve ever been that pleased with my writing since than. Reality kicked in, and you immediately start thinking ‘There is no way I’ll make money out of this’ (I was quite of a dark little girl). I have started writing a bunch of other books from than but always stopped. Always lost my muse midway and just gave up.

This little shrine here made me feel a little less obscure. Putting yourself on page will always make you feel more objective, and now, after only 4 months, after 5,700 visitors and after 20,000 Page Views, besides being completely mind blown, I’ve actually started writing again, and I couldn’t be happier about it.

I’ve recently came back to a book I started writing when I was 14 (!) and it’s just great.

Please never stop believing in who you are and what you love, cos it might eventually show you the best part of yourself.


Have an amazing weekend   x


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