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When Everything Goes (Terribly) Wrong…

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There is a saying I’m sure you’ve all heard somewhere before that goes something like – If there is a chance something bad is ever gonna happen there, you better believe its gonna happen to me, and true enough, It might as well have been written solely about me.

I was raised the youngest with 4 older brother, so something in that environment made my tom boyish side embrace itself, and made me a bit more uninhibited when it comes to taking risks. True, I don’t necessarily lack common sense, but I am less afraid them most of the girls my age as I always has been.

This might be the main reason why I am quite prone to all your basic injuries, as my sense of self courage and down right think before you act stupidity bares no equals around here. In the last couple of weeks I had somehow managed to hit my head several times, sprained and cut my small toey when attempting to reach my bed at the death of night (So much that it had tripled in size(!)) And, as an ongoing attempt to enter my flat without the appropriate key, whom which I forgot at work because of my hectic daily schedule and all, fell off the wall, hit my head and back on the cement at chaffed my arm – Because life…

Why am I telling you all this? As an ongoing attempt to justify me failing miserably to actually post anything lately. The holidays and hectic Injury schedule (Yes. That is now a thing) has made me sore and tired, and that’s just awfulness with a spoonful of salt – But I promise you all, If you just stay tuned some really awsometacular things will come your way, that is unless an Anvil will find its way back and decide to ambush me at the death of night, just like that toe destroyer.

Hopefully, by the end of this month, a new RainyAllie YouTube channel will march your way, and as my fear of cameras, and speaking will probably heighten the gravity of my excitement (Cus what?!)

So here’s to hoping for a peaceful uneventful week with balloons, butterflies and anything else that will hopefully be of no harm to anyone, but especially you guys…

Lots of love
(…and peace)


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