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Why Dry Brushing is Just Pure Awesomeness

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Dry Brush

I’ve always been a big advocate for a more natural lifestyle. As a rule, I tend to try to avoid harsher chemicals altogether and prefer the healthier solution in most cases. And I always do more and more research on healthier alternatives to add to my daily regime.

I first heard about dry brushing a couple of years ago, but have only started really getting into it 4 months ago. You essentially use a body brush, usually one with rough bristles (I got mine from Hydrea London), or a loofah and you brush your skin thoroughly before getting into the shower.  It really does work amazing in smoothing out your skin and removing out dead skin cells, but not only that, it apparently works brilliantly on a bunch of other stuff as well, so if you’re interested, just keep on reading

Increases Circulation and helps “Jumpstart” your Lymphatic System

I don’t really drink coffee that much, maybe  once a month, and even than it would probably be very mild, but I reckon this is probably what you feel on a strong Cup of Jo. Try brushing your skin from bottom to top towards your heart, it helps with your blood circulation and increase blood flow to you lymphatic system. For those of you who don’t know, the lymphatic system is basically in charge of getting rid of waste and toxins, so your actually cleaning your body in two ways. I would, however, recommend avoiding using it before going to sleep, as closing your eyes afterward can be nearly impossible. Trust me 🙂

Exfoliates and Helps prevent ingrown hair

Ingrown hairs are basically hair caught up under a bunch of dead skin cells that can be quite painful and pretty darn gross at times. Dry brushing is probably one of the best ways to remove dead skin cells. Sherlock this thing out and what do you get? Bye bye little hair!

Reduce Cellulite

Cellulite is mainly flabby packs of fat that are trapped on under the top layers of skin, so essentially brushing or roughly massaging the area help redistribute it to a smooth and even texture instead of that dimply, non aesthetic looking one. Unfortunately, or better yet fortunately, I can’t really be the judge on this area but a quick research shows that a lot of woman swear buy it so yeah.  RainyAllie – Learn something new everyday 🙂

Helps your skins absorbs nutrients better

Dry brushing not only great for removing dead skin cells but it’s also amazing for unclogging those stuffed pores making it the perfect pre moisturizing treatment. I like to use some coconut oil later with my massage brush on top (yeah, I have quite of a brush addiction) and oh my! smooth as a baby’s bottom 🙂

Relaxing and destressing

It’s essentially a big, huge, full body message, and who doesn’t like that?!

Have you ever tried out Dry Brushing? If not, let me know if I have succeeded in my evil plan to make you cross over to the dry side! muwahah 🙂


Lots of love!


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